Brandy on Exhaustion And Being Thin

Brandy Norwood seemed to have it all, but secretly she was struggling to live up to the perfect image she portrayed on ‘Moesha’.

Her TV dad William Allen Young, knew Brandy was dangerously close to the edge. “I would see that she was tired… I think she felt responsible for carrying the show ‘Moesha’. To the point that, if it wasn’t right, she would exhaust herself to make sure that it was” he tells a journalist.

Also, Brandy apparently got so close to making herself go crazy with the constant dieting just to be thin and be accepted.

“True, many people in the industry are thin and slim but if you are not, you shouldn’t try to make yourself be thin. Proper ways, yes but not going to the extent of vomiting your food out and all that.”

Ashanti And That Happy Song

Yet another soulful gem from the lady with the finest skin in R&B, the Miss India-pretty Ashanti.

She is the fastest-selling new artist of all-time in the US, thanks in no small part to the quality of her material. Her second single, released in the UK recently, ‘Happy’, with all its textured layers of vocals, toasty beat work and Gap Band sample, is certainly a more complicated tune than ‘Foolish’, but that syrupy blissed-out vibe, thankfully, remains gloriously intact.

The only slight problem Ashanti’s got here is that the song sounds remarkably like ‘Be Happy’, a tune which Mary J Blige wrote for her genre-defining ‘My Life’ album of 1996. Still, if musical plagiarism works for Alicia Keys, then it’ll definitely work for Ashanti.

Play With The Shakira Doll

The leather-and-wristband look Shakira sported in her ‘Objection (Tango)’ video sure excited many of her fans. It also thrilled the doll department at Mattel, which will immortalize the jalapeno-hot Latin performer with her own doll in March.

A spokesperson for her merchandising company said the nearly foot-tall Shakira doll will be cast in her “rock ‘n’ roll look” with curly, free-flowing hair, a black form-fitting top with straps, black leather pants embroidered with red roses, and boots. She will also be wearing rings, bracelets and studded leather armbands.

The toy giant chose the singer because of her multicultural appeal and will market the doll internationally, a spokesperson said. If the Shakira doll is a success, Mattel may launch another one in time for next Christmas.

Nu-Mark Sings Nelly Furtado’s Praises

Jurassic 5 DJ/producer Nu-Mark chatted with a webzine recently on why they brought in Nelly Furtado to put the chorus on ‘Thin Line’.

“What’s really cool about Nelly is that she’s the kind of girl that you’d see out at say, Rocksteady Park in New York break dancing” Nu-Mark said.

“So she kind of fits in with our whole little mould. She’s a B-girl, you know, and she rhymes. And she has a really cool voice.”

“That amazing voice of hers reminds me of a mixture of a 13-year-old kid with a woman’s voice. She has a unique voice and it doesn’t sound like a straight-up R&B singer or a straight-up pop singer. It fits perfectly.”

Kelly Rowland’s Solo LP Review Not Very Positive

Daniel Levin Becker of the Yale Daily News reviewed the debut solo effort of Destinys’ Child star Kelly Rowland, giving ‘Simply Deep’ a negative verdict.

“Not only does Kelly Rowland’s solo turn come across as stale and relatively derivative, but it also fails at the crucial task of setting her apart from her sisters” Daniel said.

“Its strengths are little different from the strengths of ‘Survivor’, while its weak moments range from the nondescript to the notably unpleasant. She covers very little new ground, when she breaks off on her own, she sounds uneasy and hesitant, and when she doesn’t she seems to lack the heart she has with the rest of her group.”

Ms Dynamite Says Justin Timberlake Wants Her

Ms Dynamite tells Q magazine that the famous vocalist from pop band N’Sync, Justin Timberlake has been bombarding her with phone calls.

“Justin Timberlake! Oh my god! He’s on my case. Seriously” she said.

Her manager added, “His people keep ringing me trying for him to meet Ms Dynamite. They won’t leave it alone.”

It seems he wants her to collaborate with him really badly since he’s in love with her voice.

Anna Kournikova Acted Like A Fool At Enrique’s Gig

A fan was reportedly found saying that during one of Enrique’s gigs in Miami, his girlfriend, Anna Kournikova, who attended the concert as well, acted like a fool.

“She was a complete moron on the sideline of the stage. Is it me or was she completely plastered or high?”

“I don’t believe someone sober would act the way she did! It got to the point that she started to thrown garbage balls in Enrique’s direction. I always knew that she was good with “balls” but now it has been proven!”

“She spent the whole concert picking up garbage from the floor to throw on stage. Not cool at all. Does he REALLY like her?”

Christina Aguilera Doesn’t Want To Do Playboy

Christina Aguilera has denied she has talked with Playboy about posing nude in the men’s magazine.

“That’s a rumour I guess I have to squash, because I’ve never even talked to Playboy” she insisted. “It’s not something I want to do, at least not right now.”

“At this point in my career, I just want to be respected for my voice. And as I get older, I want to take singing even more seriously.”

Daniel Bedingfield’s Ballad For H & Claire Surfaces

The missing ballad that Daniel Bedingfield wrote for H & Claire’s album has finally turned up.

The song, ‘Hold Me In Your Arms’, had been expected to appear on the ex-Steps duo’s debut album, entitled ‘Another Me, Another You’ but for some reason or the other, the track did not make the final tracklisting.

Luckily, fans aren’t going to miss out on Daniel’s efforts, as the smoochy heartbreaker that sounds somewhat like S Club’s ‘Never Had A Dream Come True’ appears on H & Claire’s new single, ‘All Out Of Love’. They say if you listen closely, you may just hear young Daniel on backing vocals so you might want to pay attention.

Daniel’s new single, ‘If You’re Not The One’, will be released on the 18th of November.