Groove Armada Back To Confuse And Bemuse

Just when you thought you had their musical number, the boys from Groove Armada are back to confuse and bemuse, with a positively shocking musical slice of deep down dirtiness.

‘Purple Haze’ is the first single to be taken from ‘Lovebox’, Groove Armada’s new album and it features the raucous vocals of Kentucky bred hip-hop outfit Nappy Roots pitched against the lyrics of Jamaican MC, Red Rat.

The track, one of the hardest on the album, is a rollercoster punk collision of bad attitude, loud lyrics, punishing guitar riffs and dirty beats.

The single has two additional tracks, ‘Lovebox’, an uplifting slice of Balearia and ‘Ooh Baby’, featuring soulful snippets from the legendary Mr Horace Andy.

Groove Armada In Love Box

British electronic duo Groove Armada have just finished their efforts on their new album, ‘Love Box’, due out this fall on Jive Records.

Tom Findlay and Andy Cato recruited guests Sunshine Anderson, folk-rock legend Richie Havens, who can be found on their last effort, ‘Good Bye Country, Hello Nightclub’, Nappy Roots, Criminal from New York hip-hop outfit Jig Masters and Neneh Cherry for their fourth album.

“She’s a wonderful person” Tom said of Eagle Eye Cherry’s sister during the Axe Effect party in Ibiza, Spain this past weekend. “We met at a nightclub through a friend of a friend.” After recording their last effort, last year’s ‘Goodbye Country, Hello Nightclub’, in the English countryside, Groove Armada said they decided to lay down the twelve tracks for ‘Love Box’, including ‘Tuning In’, ‘The Final Shakedown’, ‘But I Feel Good’ and a couple of others more in London. You’ll even find some of the tracks sampling hits from 70’s British rockers, Status Quo and Eddie Grant’s song, ‘California Style’.

“It’s quite a rock and roll record” Cato said. “It’s quite guitar-ish. More Saturday night than a night on the sofa.”

Groove Armada plan to bring a full band, including a host of horn players, on next year’s US tour.