Brian McKnight Teams Up With Nelly

Check out below the latest from Brian McKnight. It’s a collaboration with Nelly and critics have raved about this track in the US, saying that it’s really excellent.

Nelly recently told the press “It was a pleasure to work with Brian McKnight just because he’s really powerful with his excellent vocals and all that. Lovely end product by the way which I highly recommend to all.”

Entitled ‘All Night Long’, the audio below works only if you’ve got RealPlayer installed. Click here for the audio sample.

Abs Vs Justin Timberlake?

Just who is UK’s equivalent of Justin Timberlake?

A debate has been sparked and many are saying that if all go well, then Abs may very well be it.

Said one fan, “Justin bores me. Abs is better than the Trousersnake. How Justin has had so much success in the UK confuses me?! He was only ever famous as Britney’s boyfriend. His first single wasn’t a very strong song.”

And how does Abs feel being compared to Justin?
“Everything he does turns to gold,” he told a webzine. “He can’t do anything wrong. I’d love to have worked with the Neptunes like him, but people would just say that I was trying to be like Justin. But Justin does what Justin does and he does it well. I don’t look at people like him and wannabe like them. I do my own thing. I’ll just go off and do my thing and hope people like it.”

Well, luckily for Abs, people are loving and raving about his new single ‘Stop Sign’. It’s out in stores already so get one now.

Oasis Brag About Their New Songs

‘The Hindu Times’ fellows, Oasis are bragging that they’ve written another album’s worth of tunes that are the “best songs in the world”.

Although the new album isn’t expected to be recorded or released until next year, it hasn’t stopped the boys biggin’ up their latest ballads.

Predicting that they’ll all be monster hits, Liam told the press “My songs are the best f**king songs in the world. I write the best mother f**ker songs in the world.”

A slightly more modest Noel added “I have got about five songs done, Liam’s got about six, plus Gem’s got a couple.”

Rumoured titles for the tracks include ‘Longer’, ‘Say It’ and ‘The Good Rebel’.

Shakira May Get 1 Million Dollars For Concerts In Egypt

Exclusive Latin pop chantuese, Shakira is negotiating a million dollar deal to do four concerts in Egypt.

The singer had initially refused to perform there because of security fears, the same reason she gave to reject concerts in Tunisia, Morocco and Beirut but is now thinking twice.

A source close to Shakira said “She’s thinking it over very carefully. A million dollars is a lot of money to turn down.”

Remy Shand, Avril Lavigne And Gang Work To Combat SARS

MTV News reports Canada’s music elite, including Avril Lavigne, Sum 41, Sarah McLachlan, Barenaked Ladies, Our Lady Peace, Glenn Lewis, Remy Shand and the Tragically Hip are joining forces to battle Toronto’s tourism troubles, which began when the SARS broke out there earlier this year.

The show is set to take place come 21st of June at Toronto’s Skydome and the adjacent Air Canada Centre.

“We rely on concerts to bring in a lot of tourists to Toronto in the summer, so the reason this was put together by various levels of government and promoters was because we saw an opportunity to give back to the city using Canadian acts, showing the world that Toronto is open for business” said Brett Gallagher, vice president of concerts for the Skydome.

Sarah Whatmore, Liberty X And More Are The UK’s Poorest Popstars

The poorest of the British’s popstars have been unveiled and making No 1 is Rosie Ribbons, who apparently just made only GBP12,000 a year after she was dropped by her record label.

Others include Sarah Whatmore at #4 with GBP20,000, all the Liberty X members, who make only GBP35,000 a year at #7, and Atomic Kitten at #9 with GBP150,000 a year.

The rest of Top 10 includes the recently disbanded S Club which got everybody talking about just how much of millions went to their management company and they just earning a mere half a million after all those years of TV shows, singing and touring.

Javine Hylton, Steps, Hear’Say, Blazin’ Squad, Zoe Birkett and the lads from One True Voice all also made the list.

Christna Aguilera Turns Offer To Duet With Robbie Williams

Christina Aguilera has turned down Robbie Williams’ request for a duet, as the English pop star is desperate to crack America, hoping the pairing would boost his profile.

“I think he’s cute. Rather camp.” she said.

“But our styles are so different. We would not gel.”

X-tina suggested, “He should try Mariah Carey. She “loves” to duet if you know what I mean.”

Eve, Victoria Beckham And More Attend ‘Party Of The Year’

Alicia Keys, Ashanti, Eve, Heidi Klum, Gisele Bundchen, Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs and his mother Janice, Eva Amurri, Keri Russell, Victoria Beckham and plenty more were on hand at the Costume Institute Benefit Dance: ‘Party Of The Year’ on held just recently at Metropolitan Museum in New York City.

Everybody seemed to look stunning and Victoria Beckham seemed all chummy and must have made up their differences with Naomi Campbell after all those years of hurling insults at each other. That naturally got everybody talking.

Nicole Kidman looked aboslutely like an evergreen film star that simply screamed classic.

Check out all these and more below.

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