Britney Spears new album tracklisting

Pop princess BRITNEY SPEARS will be releasing new album which will be her 4th one this coming August 2003. The album title is “I SAID” and the 1st single will be “Shadow” written by former pop star Lauren Christy. “Shadow” will be released by June this year. Britney’s new album will be much anticipated because of it’s clubbish, blues and even rock hits.

Here are the tracklisting:


Released: August 2003

1. Sacred

2. I Said

3. Shadow

4. With Another Guy

5. Coz U Lookin’ Good

6. Brand New

7. The Way I Feel

8. Free

9. It’s Funny How

10. I Don’t Want You

11. Nothing

12. You Thought Me Wrong

13. Funk It Up

14. Take Me Home

15. Baby Can’t You See?

16. More Than You Know

17. Weakness

Toni Braxton is leaving Arista!

Toni Braxton Splits Arista, Inks With Blackground

R&B star Toni Braxton is leaving Arista Records to join Blackground Records, Billboard Bulletin has learned. Universal-distributed Blackground has tentative plans to issue a new Braxton album Sept. 16, preceded by the first single in June or July.

“Toni is one of the most distinctive and powerful voices to come out in the last 25-30 years,” Blackground founder Barry Hankerson, who also manages Braxton, tells Bulletin. “This signing is an incredible opportunity to literally continue the development process. With most artists you look to put out one or two albums. With Toni, you know she will have a career for decades to come.”

Braxton’s last album, 2002’s “More Than a Woman,” has sold 375,000 units in the U.S., according to Nielsen SoundScan. Before that, the artist recorded five albums for Arista imprint LaFace, including 2000’s “The Heat,” which debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums tally and has sold more than 2 million copies.

Arista executives had no comment.

Blue’s Ant Meets Up With Geroge Michael

Blue’s Antony Costa met up with his idol George Michael backstage on a BBC show last week. Blue were there to take part in our webchat and promote forthcoming single, ‘U Make Me Wanna’, while George was to perform his anti-war song, ‘The Grave’.

“I was chuffed to meet him,” Ant told reporters. “We had a good chat and he told me he was a fan of the band. I’d love to get him down to the studio and record some tracks with him in the future. Who knows? That would be great.”

Will Young Told To Be Straight For American Audiences

Will Young claims record bosses have told him not to mention he is gay if he wants to crack the US.

He has also been told to have his teeth straightened and whitened before he takes on America.

The singer says he may now turn down the lucrative deal.

He told the press “I’ve been offered a major deal but I’m in a dilemma.”

“They want me to keep quiet about my private life and, worse, they’ve told me to get my teeth straightened.”

“I thought they were joking but that is the bottom line.”

Norah Jones Becomes A Best Selling Artist

A lot of music fans came away with Norah Jones’ Grammy-sweeping album, the sensational must-have ‘Come Away With Me’ last week, giving the CD a record post-award sales spike, industry tracker Nielsen Soundscan says.

The album surged to the top of US pop album charts, selling 621,000 copies in the week of 2nd of March, up 477,000 copies from the prior week.

The latest sales week reflected consumer activity immediately following the Grammy Awards, which were held in Madison Square Garden on 23rd of February.

Both Blue Note, the EMI Group jazz label that is home to Norah Jones, and Nielsen Soundscan said the spike in sales represented the biggest Grammy boost since Soundscan began tracking US retail record sales in 1991 and possibly the biggest ever.

“The numbers prove what we’ve known all along. Norah Jones is a very special and talented artist and we are thrilled that the Grammys have exposed her work to a whole new audience,” said David Munns, EMI Recorded Music North America Chairman and Chief executive officer.

Global sales for ‘Come Away With Me’ are well past the 9 million mark, making the 23 year old daughter of famed Indian musician, Ravi Shankar one of the best selling artists of 2002-2003, EMI said.

Christina Aguilera The New Face For Fasdhion Empire, Versace

Christina Aguilera is set to become the new face of fashion empire Versace.

Ms Dirrty will front a mult-million pound TV campaign for Italian designer Donatella Versace.

Christina was the guest of honour at Versace’s fashion show in Milan last week where she was spotted furiously making notes as a succession of haughty, stony-faced models sashayed down the catwalk.

India.Arie Weighs In On War

India.Arie was amongst the musicians weighing in on the looming war with Iraq with Entertainment Weekly recently.

She says, “This is our platform, this is our vehicle. I challenge all of my peers to do more.”

“Not just in your words, and giving your money, but in your music. That’s what people hear.”


13 March 2003 1432SST – 0800GMT


Spice Girl Melanie C believes she has always taken singing more seriously than her former bandmates. Melanie is resisting attempts to get the Spice Girls back together while she concentrates on her solo career highlighting the fact she was always more focused on her singing voice.

Melanie C says, “I took things more seriously thaneveryone else because singing was more important to me. I was the only one who put her voice before other things. “I’ve always looked after my voice because I take my singing seriously. That’s why I’ve never smoked, I always warm up, I don’t go out and I don’t drink when I’m singing. I want to be a great singer and sing for the rest of my life.”

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The Spice Girls Reunion In 2006?

After the Spice Girls’ reunion dinner, the papers were full of talk of reunion tours and greatest hits albums, but these tales were all denied by various band members who insisted they were solo artists now and that was that. However the People claims that they were telling porkies and that the tour and the album are already a done deal.

That paper says that the tour will take place in 2006, ten years after ‘Wannabe’ first hit the charts, and that each Spice Girl will net GBP5 million, plus a chunk of the ticket revenue.

Not only does the paper report the greatest hits album, but it has a tracklist, too. This includes four new songs, and some old songs that were never released, as well as 15 of their biggest single releases. This is pretty specific information, so it kind of lends weight to the story.

Finally they quote a Virgin music source “The company is very excited that comeback plans are underway.”

And another source told them “All the girls have agreed it’s the right thing to do and will announce details later.”

Anyway, you might want to brace yourselves for an avalanche of official denials, because even if the story is true, surely the girls will want to deny it for the time being so it doesn’t take the focus of their solo efforts.