Mousse T’s On Fire

Taking a break from his multiple remixing and writing duties is Germany’s Mustafa Gündoğdu, better known to you and I as Mousse T who promises that one will be hearing a feast of funky sounds and beats with the release of his debut album, entitled ‘Gourmet De Funk’. It’s scheduled to be out in all good record stores come 12th August.

In case you’re having trouble placing the name Mousse T to a hit, let me help you out. He is, of course the man who made ‘Horny’ such a huge hit. And then there’s also the Tom Jones hit, ‘Sex Bomb’. Both of these hits will be found in the album.

His awesome new single ‘Fire’ featuring vocals from Emma Lanford is out on the 22th of July. The album promises much with Mousse T picking up Ivor Novello awards for writing and Grammy nominations for remixing previously. He’s also set-up his own label Peppermint Jam.

‘Gourmet De Funk’ will feature Emma Lanford of course, Tom Jones obviously and Roland Gift amongst others so go grab that copy of yours.

Check the video and other tracks from his new album out at his official site, located at