Busted: Gone For Good after weeks of tension

To some it’s the end of the world, for others it a day of joyous celebration. Either way, pop group Busted have gone. They announced at a press conference today (Friday, 14th January 2005) the news that crushed their legions of fans. Some say the split has come after All Saints style tensions within the group following Charlie’s commitments to his new band Fightstar, who go on tour in March. No plans for a farewell single or a best of have been made just yet, but it’s been said the tension was so bad that “they couldn’t bear to be in the same room with each other” according to an insider. How I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall in their dressing room…

Busted’s James Faints In Hot USA

James of Busted certainly felt the heat when the air conditioning unit on the band’s tour bus recently packed up. The band are currently touring the US and at one point were driving through the desert which all proved too much for young James who fainted and collapsed with heatstroke.

An emergency doctor was called out to find James badly dehydrated from tempratures of up to 110 degrees.

Charlie and Matt have maintained their cool and James recovered after plenty of rest and lots of water.

They are only a couple of weeks into their three month US expedition which is being filmed for an MTV reality show. The Busted boys are hoping to crack the US market following much success over here in UK.

Busted To Have Own MTV Reality Show

Reports have emerged that Busted have landed a $1.8 million deal to star in an Osbournes-style reality TV show to be broadcast worldwide on MTV, which could see them break America.

“The show could make them global stars. The boys are massive in the UK, Europe and Japan and this could widen the net to America,” an insider with the trio said.

“They are young, fun and up for it. All the ingredients that will make the show great viewing. Ozzy Osbourne might have the upper hand when it comes to swearing but Busted have a huge female following who will be glued to the screen. Producers like that the boys have really different personalities which will come across on the show.”