Boy George Attacks Elton John

Boy George has compared singing with Eminem to duetting with notorious former Cambodian leader Pol Pot.

He attacked Sir Elton John’s performance with the Slim Shady at 2002’s MTV Awards and made the strange comparison.

Pot’s murderous regime killed millions of people back in the 1970s and former Culture Club star Boy George was pulling no punches in an interview with The Times newspaper.

“It’s like me singing with Pol Pot,” said the 80s pop icon, who blames the white rapper for making homophobia acceptable on the streets.

“People will call you a fag or whatever occasionally, but it’s so much more prevalent now and he has to take some responsibility. He’s an ****hole and I think every gay person with a brain cell found it hideously offensive to see Elton performing with him.”

Rocket Man Elton has also picked fights with a clutch of celebrities recently, slamming Madonna for miming on stage and criticising George Michael’s private life.

Elton John A Marriage Guidance Advisor For The Beckhams

The People reports that Elton John is battling to bring former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham and husband David together after their fifth anniverary getaway to Morocco exploded into a series of disagreements.

“Elton is acting as a marriage guidance advisor,” a source revealed. “They respect his judgment and advice. He’s a great listener and isn’t taking sides. He is by far the best person for the job because there is a real bond between him and the Beckhams. He knows them better than practically anyone.”

Elton John And The Beckhams Go Shopping

The New York Post reports Elton John, former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham and her hubby David Beckham went expensive shopping all together.

The three of them were spotted buying five-time-zone diamond watches, diamond dog tags and stud earrings at Jacob the Jeweler’s shop in New York City.

An unnamed onlooker said “They were checking out all the really expensive stuff. Like diamonds and stuff.”

MC Harvey To Collaborate With Elton John

In what could be the unlikeliest collaboration of 2003, So Solid Crew star, MC Harvey says he would love to record a duet with the lovely Sir Elton John.

Harvey, who was one of the celebrities at Sir Elton’s charity gig at London’s Shepherd’s Bush Empire last week, told the press “Yeah, I’d love to duet with him. It’ll be exhilarating. The guy’s a legend. He’s a great artist so why not?”

“He worked with Eminem at the Grammy Awards and managed to pull that off but it’s going to cost a lot of money to get Elton I estimate? I think it’ll break the bank a bit” says Harvey.

Visit his official site below

Elton John Speaks Against The Likes Of Simon Cowell

Elton John has spoken out against the whole Pop Idol phenomenon, claiming that the likes of Simon Cowell see their young charges as a commodity or just “another Mercedes Benz.”

The flamboyant rocker admitted that the music industry today is far too preoccupied with image and packaging of artists, as opposed to the old-fashioned notion of songwriting and playing live.

“Bernie and I started off songwriting and there were no videos in those days” Elton said. “You had to work live to get a record contract. It was all about the song. These days, it’s all about the packaging aspect of it. The songwriting aspect has gone out the window a little bit!”

Although Elton is critical of the TV talent show phenomenon, he admits that he’s very supportive of the performers “I’m on the side of the artist. I’m not on the side of someone of like Simon Cowell who sees them as another Mercedes Benz. He has no love for Will Young or Gareth Gates. He’s raking the money in. When someone else comes along in two years he’ll replace them. It’s kind of cruel. I feel for them. They’re being used by people who are making a fortune.”

Elton John’s ‘Definitive Greatest Hits’ is released later this month.

Elton John Plays To Smash Indian Concert

Elton John has thrilled around 15,000 sentimental fans at his first Indian concert.

Avoiding lingering monsoon rains that had threatened to spoil the open air concert alongside the palace of a former princely ruler, the portly star glittered in a turquoise suit ahead of the Indian Festival of Lights, which falls on Monday.

“Happy Deepavali” the singer greeted his fans at the concert on Saturday night. The festival is known as Diwali in the north of India. “At last I am playing in India and I am very excited.”

India has a massive following for pop music but has only recently become a feature on tour circuits, thanks to a fast-growing middle class.

Elton John Collaborates With Blue

Blue and Elton John have teamed up to record a reworked copy of Elton’s 1976 hit ‘Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word’.

It will be released somewhere in December from the band’s next album ‘One Love’, out on the 4th of November.

The video will be shot in early November featuring both Blue and Elton. Anyway, the song also happens to be one of band member Lee’s all time favourite songs.

He said “We are all massive Elton fans, personally he has always been one of my musical heroes. I love him so much. It’s an honour, really to have had the chance to record with him. I have always esteemed the song, it’s so very classic Elton”.

Elton John To Perform In India For First Time

Elton John is to perform in India for the very first time. He will play in the southern city of Bangalore in November, with the exact date yet to be set.

Bangalore was chosen over Mumbai, because the latter has a 50% entertainment tax and a 10pm curfew for live performances. Elton was quoted as saying “I’m way beyond excited. It’s a whole new experience for me and I’m thrilled to finally do this and hang out with the many beauties they have there -hehe -“