Emma Nelson’s In Paradise, Maybe With Gareth Gates

This is a radiant young up-and-coming star and we should give her our support. She is none other than Emma Nelson. Emma’s awesome debut single ‘Paradise’ has already been doing its rounds on The Box and has been out in shops since the start of this week, 8th of July.

‘Paradise’ is an aptly refreshing double scoop of fizzy pop “The song is basically about taking someone very special to their own idea of paradise” explains Emma. “It’s very much a physical paradise rather than a metaphorical one. God knows, I wouldn’t complain if someone took me to paradise sometime soon.”

As if an upbeat and infectious single, a great voice and good looks weren’t enough, there are 10 GCSE and four A-levels-worth of savvy locked up in Emma. Her label, ELN Records, is all Emma’s own work. The girl has forgone endless showcases and interminable hob-nobbing to form her own label to launch her career. “It actually started out as a joke. Someone said we’d be better off setting up our own label and we took it seriously and did exactly that. It took a lot of time and effort and support, but I think it’ll work out to our advantage” reveals Emma. Armed with a top summer tune and a headful of determination, Emma is destined for great things.

Emma, who doesn’t want to be like anyone else, had this to say on whom she would like to work with, choosing only Will Young or Gareth Gates. “I’d like to work with Gareth Gates, but then also I’d love to live with Gareth Gates. In fact I’d love to…you know”.

If you want to let Emma know what you think of her music, just send her an email to

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