O Town’s Erik Micheal Estrada Goes Solo

O-Town star, Erik Michael Estrada told journalists the other day that he is well and very busy working on his debut.

He is in New York for a week to write and work on some new material in the studio. Then he will return to Los Angeles and might be there until Christmas time, if not longer.

His yet to be titled LP should be out sometime next year.

O-Town’s Ashley Doesn’t Like Girls Dressed As Hoochies

O-Town star Ashley Angel has advice for potential female admirers. “Let me dispel the myth about preferring to see a girl dressed as a hoochie” he said.

“I like a girl who just dresses real natural, and when it’s time to dress up, there’s a time to dress up and when it’s time to hang out in sweat pants and gym clothes, there’s a time for that too.”

“I just like girls who are comfortable in their own skin.”

O-Town Sent Messages To Fans And Thanked Them Also

O-Town sent out a message to members of their street team saying “What’s going on, everybody? We are all very excited. We’ve been in the studio working very hard writing, recording and producing this album that we’ve pushed back so many times”.

“The songs that we’re coming out of the studio with are crazy and we can’t wait for you guys to hear it. However, we did push the album back one last time to mid October.”

“Believe it or not, even though we have no music out right now, we’re still really busy. The traveling has been just as intense because we’ve been all over the country working with producers and doing one off shows.”

They thanked their fans as well by saying “Thank you so much for the support without any material in the market. We owe this new album to you all the truly loyal fans.”

For all you O-Town fans out there, you can go check out the latest updates at their new and improved official website http://www.o-town.com

O-Town’s O2 To Be Delayed A Little

The boys from O-Town seemingly has pushed back the release date of its subsequent J Records album, entitled ‘O2’, from the 6th of August to the 27th instead.

O-Town singer, Dan Miller, told a web page that that the group is really doing its best to ensure that ‘O2’ will be a powerful album. He said “The material has been coming in slow. We’ve been taking our time, and you can look at it both ways. I mean, it’s bad because it is getting very close to when the album is going to come out in August, but it’s good because we’re not taking every piece of crap that comes across the desk. Whether it’s from us or whether it’s from another writer, we’re not just settling because it’s getting down to the wire.”

He also went on to clarify that the album’s heading can really mean a host of different things, including the fact it is O-Town’s sophomore LP and it’s being released in 2002.

“Personally I think ‘O2’ is kind of like oxygen” he said. “I feel like we’ve got a little breathing room now, you know. We’ve kicked open the door a little bit, plus we can call a couple of shots, and we didn’t really have that breathing room before.”

O-Town’s self-titled debut album spawned the hits ‘All Or Nothing’, ‘Liquid Dreams’ and ‘We Fit Together’ but Daniel has said that the band’s upcoming release will be a tad different. “‘O2’ is definitely not what you would expect from us. We’re just coming from a totally different angle this time.”