Dido’s New Songs To Be Deeper Than Previous Ones

Dido tells MTV not to look for an album like her ‘No Angel’ debut when it drops later this year.

“When I made ‘No Angel’, I was in my early 20s, and now I’m 30,” Dido mused. “I’m a completely different person. My world has changed.”

Dido says the tracks on the upcoming disc will be “definitely deeper.”

She adds, “I’ve had quite a bit of mad experiences in the last few years. But it’s the same soundwise, in that I’m writing songs on the piano and guitar and producing them the way I want to listen to, with beats that excite me.”

Sarah Whatmore Interested In Duet With Jamiroquai Frontman

Sarah Whatmore is interested in doing a duet with Jamiroquai frontman Jay Kay. “Working with Jay would be amazing.”

“I absolutely believe he is a superb and stunning performer with a great voice,” Sarah said.

As for her second single ‘Automatic’, which she has been busy promoting, the sexy girl says, “It’s a bit dance-y and hopefully will do very well.”

Ms Dynamite Stole Father Of A Two Year Old Daughter

Ms Dynamite has devastated a young mum by bedding the father of her two-year-old daughter, Dwayne Seaforth.

The young mother, Sanshica Carew admitted through gritted teeth, “I still talk to Dwayne. I’ve got his child. I’ve no need to talk to Ms Dynamite. I haven’t got her child, I’ve only got Dwayne’s child.”

A male friend of Sanshica said, “Ms Dynamite likes to paint herself as the Pride of Britain, but she’s far from it. After she got together with Dwayne she purposely called Sanshica, telling her how happy they were. She definitely was gloating. Sanshica knew she couldn’t compete with a pop star. She was totally heartbroken.”

Mis-Teeq To Go Scandalous

The gorgeous ladies of Mis-Teeq have announced that their brand new single will be one that’s entitled ‘Scandalous’ and the number can be found off a sophomore full-length release that they intend to name ‘Eye Candy’.

Alesha said “In essence, everything went good and so we definitely hope everybody love it. We are aiming for a March release so there’s going to be loads of work to be done.”

Meanwhile, Mis-Teeq have been nominated for the Best Urban Act at the upcoming Brit Awards 2003. You can vote for Mis-Teeq at the website www.brits.co.uk

Enrique Iglesias Talks About His Miser Of A Father

Enrique Iglesias was recently talking about his bitter relationship with his famous father Julio to the papers.

Enrique says he’s only spoken to his father twice in the past seven years, and complained his dad, who is worth $500 million, was a cheapskate with him.

“In Spain, if you have the Iglesias name, they put you down as a spoiled rich kid. But my father has never given me a penny,” Enrique complained.

“I went to a rich kids’ school in Miami. The others drove Mercedes or Porches. I had a crummy car.” And when Enrique went to Los Angeles to kick off his singing career, he revealed, “I didn’t have any money. I had to stay with a friend.”

X-Static Process Or Ein Sof? Madonna’s Latest Tracklisting?

There are a lot of scuttlebutt surrounding the upcoming Madonna’s LP at the moment but so far nothing’s really set in stone.

According to online sources, her 10th studio album may be called ‘X-Static Process’ or ‘Ein Sof’ which means infinity in Hebrew.

Her tracklisting may look something like this:











The tracklisting will probably be altered slightly because record bosses at her label demanded her to head on back into the studio and record more mainstream sounding songs. But they say it will still be out on the 15th of April like they planned originally.

3rd Edge Share Underwear

Just when you thought those 3rd Edge boys can’t get any weirder, here’s another unattractive secret that they recently disclosed about themselves.

Having recently revealed some dodgy secrets about themselves in the past, for instance the time when J Tee once put his finger in someone else’s vomit and licked it and there’s the one where Thomas apparently picks the skin off the bottom of his feet and eats it, pop earth’s newest boyband have now admitted that they occasionally share each other’s undies.

And if that ain’t bad enough, Tom has gone on record to admit that he’s, “accident-prone”.

Speaking to a popular teen’s magazine, Dan admitted that when the group were in Norway recently, Thomas borrowed J Tee’s undies. Worse still, Tom miscalculated how many pairs he was going to need for the trip and ran out of clean ones, explaining, “We were really unprepared. I flew there with only two pairs of briefs. But I ran out very quickly because I’m, er, accident prone.”

Eh? Tom wouldn’t elaborate, but did let slip that his bandmates were on hand to help him out, adding, “J Tee was kind enough to let me borrow his undies. Wearing another guy’s knickers really changes your whole perspective on life.”

Their second single, the Kavana-esque ‘Know You Wanna’, comes out next week.

What You Need Tonight Is Nu Circles

Andy Skinner, the man behind Nu Circles, will be aiming for a Top 10 hit at least with his collaboration with Brian Harvey’s girl, Emma B.

Andy was also the guy who launched Posh Spice’s solo career, giving her a No 2 smash, namely Truesteppers’ ‘Out Of Your Mind’. And apparently, for a short while, Victoria went around singing Andy’s praises and telling anybody who’d listen that they must have him for producing singles.

Well, Andy’s now lent his Midas touch to this straightforward Ibiza anthem which sounds quite like something that Spiller might’ve come up with.

The track’s called ‘What You Need (Tonight)’ and it has chart hit written all over it. Plus Emma sounds actually quite wonderful on it. The cool single can be found in all good record stores come 27th of January so make sure you grab yourself a copy.