Madonna Hard at Work on New CD is reporting that Madonna is in the studio finishing up her New CD. It is said that Madonna is working with all new Producers this time around.

The new album is said to feature 12 delicious tunes of pure ‘unapologetic dance music’ and will feature the brand new single “Hung Up” (due out on 17th October). The album is scheduled to be released on November 15th on Warner Bros. Records.

Madonna To Duet With Robbie Williams?

A Madonna website has been informed about a possible duet between the Queen of Pop and Robbie Williams.

The song apparently has been recorded on August 5 in London at Temple Studios and that appears to be the main reason Madonna flew back to London immediately after the US leg of the Re-Invention tour.

The song, whose title is still unknown, is a Guy Chambers production and it’s the main theme of the soundtrack of the film Daisy Scarlett: Semper Occultus, directed by Luc Besson who is apparently in talks to direct also the music video.

Earlier this year the Daily Star reported that Madonna was interested to play a villain in this movie which is the story of Daisy Scarlette, a female spy for the MI6, investigating thefts of organs of very emimnent people that leads her to a dictator, Semper Occultus, who needs the organs for a transplant. Daisy Scarlette is played by actress Naomi Watts.

Please be reminded that the above is merely a rumour. Nothing’s cast in stone.

Madonna’s Marriage Is On The Rocks

Word is out that Madonna’s marriage to British filmmaker Guy Ritchie is breaking up.

Sources say the relationship is torn apart by Guy’s jealousy over her success and his misplaced fears that she’s cheating on him. “Madonna’s marriage is definitely on the rocks,” an insider declared. “Guy’s been accusing Madonna of cheating while she’s on tour, and despite her assurances that she’s not, it seems he’s convinced himself that she is.”

“The truth is Madonna isn’t cheating on Guy, and she’s probably fed up with dealing with his insecurities. We’ll just have to wait and see if it all works out. I hope it does though.”

Prince, Madonna Sold A Lot Of Tickets

Prince’s tour tops this year’s Pollstar list of 2004’s Top 100 Tours at the midway point of the year with $45.7 million in grosses. He has sold a total of 737k tickets, with an average gross of $1.038 million per show, based on an average ticket price of $61.59.

Madonna’s Re-Invention Tour comes in right behind selling $44.9 million worth of tickets. Madonna sold 258k total tickets at an average price of $174.17 (highest in the Top 100).

Madonna also has the largest average gross per show at a whopping $6.414 million. She has approximately another 642,000 further tickets sold for the remaining concerts. This will put Madonna’s total concerts in excess of $120,000,000 for 2004.

Britney comes in at number 13 moving 299K tickets for a total of 18.9 million.

See the entire list by clicking here

Madonna To Star In Friends Spin-Off Show?

News is out that seem to suggest that the Queen of Pop, Madonna has been offered to star with Matt LeBlanc in his new ‘Friends’ spin-off show following a flop audition by former Spice Girl, Geri Halliwell.

“We were impressed with Madonna’s turn in ‘Will & Grace’,” said a source at Warner Bros.

“She is ideal for us as an actress and is a big name too.” A secret meeting between Matt, his people and the Material Girl has been penciled in for next week.

David Beckham, Pop Culture’s Greatest Icon

David Beckham has been named as the greatest pop culture icon in a new TV poll, beating Hollywood stars, Madonna and Elvis.The England captain, who’s the poster boy for metrosexuals, triumphed in the poll compiled from thousands of votes by music channel VH1.

Beckham was ranked 31 places ahead of his wife Victoria, who wins a place as member of the former Spice Girls.

He said: “I am really honoured that I have been voted number 1 in VH1’s 100 Greatest Pop Culture Icons, especially when you look at the incredible list of people in this poll – many of whom I really admire.

“Thank you to everyone who voted.”

Madonna was runner-up in the list, while Elvis Presley was ranked third and the Beatles fourth.

Diana, Princess Of Wales came fifth, while Martin Luther King was placed 12th.

Only Fools And Horses star David Jason sees his character Del Boy ranked higher than Hollywood big shots.

Del Trotter is at number 46, while Robert De Niro managed just 50 and Brad Pitt 52.

Former Prime Minister Baroness Thatcher proved to be a greater icon for a generation than Tony Blair. She made it to number 65, while Mr Blair was down at 86.

Marilyn Monroe proved to have greater cultural appeal than many contemporary stars.

The late actress finished in 11th place, above Kylie Minogue (15), J-Lo (18) and Kate Moss (88).

A panel of celebrities and experts – including presenter June Sarpong, newsreader Krishnan Guru-Murthy and GQ editor Dylan Jones – drew up a shortlist for VH1 earlier this year.

Then viewers spent two months voting for who they thought were the greatest greatest figures in popular culture.

Madonna To Snub MTV Europe Music Awards 2003?

Madonna is threatening to snub the MTV Europe Music Awards bash in Edinburgh because her favourite hotel room has already been booked, apparently.

She had agreed to come if she and her entourage were installed on the top floor of the capital’s exclusive five-star Sheraton Grand Hotel, but the hotel has been fully booked since 2001 for a diplomatic conference and top- flight delegates are refusing to vacate the suite.

Madonna’s The English Roses Set To Be Released In Over 100 Countries

Madonna is poised to make book publishing history when ‘The English Roses’, the first title of the original series of five illustrated storybooks, all of which were written by her, is published in hardcover globally on the 15th of September.

It is anticipated that upon publication date, Callaway Editions and Penguin Group, in association with some of the most prestigious literary publishers in the world, will release Madonna’s book simultaneously worldwide in 42 language editions in more than 100 countries.

Each of these books will feature exquisite illustrations by internationally acclaimed artists. The identity of the illustrator of The English Roses will be revealed on the 15th of September.

The title and publication date of the second book in the series will also be announced upon publication of the first book.

Madonna, The English Rose

Madonna has signed a publishing deal to write five illustrated children’s books.

Madge’s first book, The English Roses, will focus on the adventures of a red fox and a little Prince.

The target audience for Madge’s books will be 6 years and older and it’s set to be out in stores sometime in winter which would probabaly make it a nice Christmas gift for that little tot of yours.