Will Young, Budding Photographer

Radio 1 caught up with Will Young and asked the Pop Idol victor if he was a talented photographer.

“You know what, I try and take photographs and I did it today. I went to my nephew’s sports day… I think I’m taking genius photographs but I take really shocking ones,” he explained.

“I take photos of a Coke can thinking it will be a still life and it turns out like a dreadful photo of a Coke can. I’ve been getting better. I’ve been taking a lot of self portraits.”

Geri Halliwell Eyes Stage Career

With her latest album Desire tanking in the charts, former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell is setting her sights on a stage career.

Geri Halliwell told a spy, “I love the instant connection that theatre can bring and see this as my natural next step.”

A source said she has already auditioned for the play Little Shop Of Horrors for its run on the West End. The singer also lashed out at Pop Idol judge Simon Cowell as the man who halted her pop career after Mr. Nasty blasted her last video. She fumed to Neil Sean of Sky News, “It was such a cruel thing to do.”

Deeyah & Young Maylay A Deadly Combo!

In one corner you have Deeyah the exotic and sassy princess of the East also dubbed the Muslim Madonna by the UK media. In the other corner is Young Maylay hard edged from the merciless streets of LA also the actor/voice in GTA San Andreas game.
Both talented artists in their own rights have now joined forces and come together to create ‘What Will It Be?’.

The beat of ‘What Will It Be?’ is sexy and seductive yet the lyrical content that Deeyah and Young Maylay present in the song is tough, thought provoking, controversial and very much a sign of the turmoil filled times we are all living in. The lyrical content is already creating controversy and waves within certain circles of the Muslim communities for it’s direct, truthful and extremely defiant and rebellious tone and delivery.
In a time where more socially and politically conscious music and attitude is needed within popular culture – here we go, Deeyah and Young Maylay provide exactly what the doctor ordered and are creatively a truly deadly combo! May we hear more music and messages like this from these two and others in the near future.

We eagerly await the music video for ‘What Will It Be?’ as it’s already rumored to be even more controversial, hard hitting, edgy and sexy.

Gareth: is he going all Busted?

Former Pop Idol lovey himself Gareth Gates has been out the public eye ever since he released Sunshine, his flop “sexy image” single that ex All Saint Mel Blatt described as “Incognito meets the Tweenies” on CD:UK two years ago…but this year he may return- and with a new Gareth, it must mean a new image…but what this time? Apparently, it’s the Busted route according to the tabs- guitars and tales of unrequited love all the way…Gareth’s been willing to go down a more edgier route similar to Busted’s according to his writers, which is why they’ve got John McLaughlin on board, who produced both the Busted albums and McFly’s debut…the new material isn’t finished yet, but let’s just hope it goes somewhere this time!

Paul is back- and as you’ve never heard him before…

So, after three years away, ex-S Clubber Paul Cattermole is coming back. With four other guys. Yes, Paul’s band, Charlie Bullitt, who played their first live gig in November last year in London have been fought for by many record labels, EMI mainly being the most interested, and if they get a deal, it’ll mean Paul will be the second of the S Clubbers to go solo following Rachel Stevens. Charlie Bullitt are nothing like S Club though, as you can expect- more a sophisticated blend of funk, rock and acid jazz. The results are surprisingly good!For more info on Charlie Bullitt, and to listen to potential first single “You’re A Good Girl”, check out: