The Beckhams Are Expecting A Baby Boy

The Sun reports that former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham and hubby David are expecting yet another boy, dashing the couple’s hopes of having a sister for sons Brooklyn, five, and Romeo, two.

“Everybody knows David and Victoria would have liked a little girl,” a friend said. “It’s fair to say they were a little disappointed, but that soon passed. They’re just looking forward to the new arrival.”

The Beckhams To Launch Own Range Of Diamond Bling Blings?

Reports are emerging that former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham and her husband David are in talks to launch their own range of dazzling diamond jewellery.

“David and Victoria were approached by a diamond company to launch a range of jewellery,” a source close to the couple revealed.

“They are interested but the talks are in the early stages. It would be something they would do together under the Beckham brand. Both Daivd and Victoria love their jewellery. The designs would be more trendy and bling bling than classic.”

Brooklyn Beckham’s Posh Do

The Mirror has reported that Victoria Beckham forked out a whopping GBP10,000 on a party for Brooklyn to say farewell to his classmates before he departs for Spain.

Donkey rides and a model railway were part of the entertainment at Victoria and David’s swish home, Beckingham Palace.

A chum of the pouting pop princess said, “She really adores her sons and wants to do anything she can for them. She knows that moving to Madrid is essential to keep the family together, but it’ll be a big strain on Brooklyn as he has a lot of friends who he’ll miss.”

Victoria Beckham’s Assistant Quits

The Sunday People reports former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham’s personal assistant, Sophie, has resigned after the furor of her husband David’s alleged affairs, claiming she couldn’t stand the stress during that time and said she no longer feels able to work for her.

In other news, Victoria’s new single “My Love Is For Real” is sad to be excellent. The catchy maybe No 1 hit she craves so much will be out soon.

Damon Dash Sick Of Beng Called Posh Spice’s Best Friend

The Evening Standard reports Damon Dash says he is sick of being called former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham’s best friend.

The hip hop mogul explained, “Since my affiliation with Victoria I have come into the public eye on another level. In hip hop circles people know who I am. See I’ve made history you know.”

He added, “I don’t want to be known as Victoria’s mentor, Victoria’s best friend or Victoria’s producer. I want to be known as Damon Dash CEO of Roc-A-Fella Records, Rocawear and films.”

The rapper also called the rape allegation against him “ridiculous.”

Victoria Beckham And Her Promotion Of Her New Songs

The Sun reports that the very exclusive Victoria Beckham will let Top Of The Pops viewers decide which song from her double A-side featuring pop tune ‘Let Your Head Go’ and hip-hop track ‘This Groove’, produced by New York guru, Damon Dash, get the heaviest promotion.

“For Victoria to be involved with the new Top Of The Pops is amazing and it’s sure to give her solo comeback a boost,” a source said.

“It’s a good way for Victoria to gauge what her fans like.”

The songs will debut on the 5th of December while the voting will be revealed on the following Friday on the program.

Victoria Beckham’s Solo Album Still On Hold, Still

Victoria Beckham’s plans to release a new album are on hold as she continues to battle with her record company as to which direction her music will head.

Telstar refuses to pay Damon Dash for the work he has done with Miss Exclusive, believing the album will be a flop.

They’re trying to reach agreement for her to release a pop album she recorded before meeting Damon Dash, but she is refusing. “Nothing is happening with the album at the moment because we can’t come to an agreement,” said a Telstar insider. “We are in the middle of a legal wrangle with Dash over money and we have tried to get Victoria to join in the meetings so we can sort it out, but she just won’t come.”

Victoria Beckham And Her Breast Reductions

Former Spice Girl, the exclusive Victoria Beckham has gotten her breast size reduced apparently after deciding her chest was too big for her slim physique.

“Victoria has hardly told anyone about her operation but she had it done in the last couple of weeks,” a source close to the posh lady revealed.

“She’s still a bit tender but it was only minor surgery and she was up and about later that same day and was alright to fly to the US just days later.”

The Beckhams Love Aishwariya Rai

Victoria Beckham, reportedly, is keen on having talks with the people who bring us the 007 series into letting her star in the upcoming one alongside her favourite Indian actress, Aishwariya Rai.

Aishwariya Rai is Bollywood’s darling/diva/actress/beauty queen and has been reportedly courted by the makers of James Bond into becoming the next Bond girl. Victoria is a huge fan of the Indian actress and has seen and loved Aishwariya’s epic romance, big budget movie, Devdas. And just for the record, Devdas was India’s entry for the Oscars this year for the Best Foreign Film Award.

And oh yes, David Beckham thinks Aishwariya Rai is smoking hot as well and reckons that with both his favourite ladies on screen, the next James Bond movie is bound to be a huge smash at the box office.

Victoria brings Brooklyn to school

SINGAPORE (SOUNDBUZZ) – Spice Girl Victoria Beckham’s eldest son Brooklyn has started school in England confounding speculation the family are planning to move abroad.

The Beckhams have been at the centre of furious speculation that the sportsman is planning to transfer to a high profile club abroad. But a friend of the couple believes the family are unlikely to leave anytime soon since Brooklyn has just enjoyed his first day at school. The pal says, “The first time Victoria dropped him off she had tears in her eyes, her boy looked so smart in his uniform, but he’s still her baby. It was hard for her to leave him at the gates, although he was really into it, giggling and smiling.”

“I think people assume life’s a doddle for her and David but like any other parent, they spent ages pouring over prospectuses of many schools. But the couple have chosen well and Brooklyn is settling in beautifully.”

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