Osbourne’s Noisy Neighbour Is A Popstar

Ever wondered who The Osbournes’ infamously noisy next door neighbour actually is? Well, it’s been revealed that Ozzy, Sharon and company’s Beverly Hills bette noir is a popstar, but just a one hit wonder star.

His name is Owen Paul, who enjoyed just the one radio hit way back in 1986 with ‘My Favourite Waste Of Time’.Owen, who some may remember sported one of the finest mullets of the 80’s, is making a comeback of sorts as the troublesome neighbour of MTV’s first family.

Sharon Osbourne was seen confronting her neighbour in the first series of the hit docu-show, after Owen made such a racket through the night, which ends with Ozzy throwing a rock through the former popster’s window!

Unsurprisingly, given his new-found notoriety, after years in the musical wilderness, Owen Paul is set to attempt something of a comeback, with the release of his ‘About Time’, a song he’s described as “romantic, heartfelt, meaningful, passionate and honest.”

Vanessa Carlton On Getting Attention

“I think it’s very hard” said Vanessa Carlton on distancing herself from the whole teen-pop area. “I’ve been a performer since I was 5 years old. I’m not doing it to get attention.”

“See, I’m doing it to express something that I love, and there’s no point in doing what I’m doing unless it’s honest and real. So it’s not really hard for me to maintain integrity.”

“It’s just something that’s very natural.”

Ex-Another Level Member Wants Javine Hilton And Duets With Keisha of Sugababes

Wayne Williams, formerly of Another Level, is looking to sign Javine Hilton, who came close to being in the final line-up of Girls Aloud, the girl group spawned by ITV’s Popstars The Rivals TV series to his new London record label.

He is eager to hook up the 20 year old starlet with Daydream Records, the label that was recently launched with his brother Jason Williams, and he agreed with the ITV viewer’s decision to vote Javine off the girl group Girls Aloud.Wayne said “I agreed entirely with the audience’s decision for Javine NOT to be part of the Girls Aloud. She exudes the kind of urban appeal that Ms Dynamite has captured brilliantly. She is just simply far too good to be in a manufactured pop band, plus she has an amazing talent and I want to work with her. I really think possibly she could be even bigger than Ms Dynamite!”

Wayne also added “We are now in the process of making the formal offer of a recording contract to Javine through her management. We are aware that a number of major record labels have expressed an interest in signing Javine, but we are confident that our offer is the most attractive and appealing to her, allowing Javine to develop her own identity and music style on an urban music level, rather than going to a major record label and being another manufactured artist.”

Wayne also previewed his new single at the label launch, and has collaborated with Keisha from the Sugababes on the club mix of the new single ‘Anything Is Possible’ which is tentatively scheduled for release early next year.

Daniel Bedingfield Offers You Love Advice

Through his years of experience of dating, breakups, and all that good stuff, Daniel Bedingfield hopes that he can offer his fans some advice.

“Be careful, especially with ‘rebounds’ because you can treat the person you rebound with disrespect. So, be careful and try to give yourself as much time as you need to heal. Be single and not looking. It helps a lot of the times and you have loads of fun and that way, you tend to get really rejuvenated.”

“Then try to go after more long-term good people. It is a lot more worth it to have people who benefit you and speak positive words and bring encouragement into your life, rather than just some pretty girl or guy on the side” explains Daniel.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor Lashes Out At Pop Realisty Shows

Porcelain-skinned Sophie Ellis Bextor is lashing out at reality music shows such as Popstars The Rivals, which has created a girl and boy group, Girls Aloud and OTV respectively, to fight each other.

“It’s arrogance to say, ‘We’re going to let the girl and boy bands battle it out’. Choosing stars by voting is an abuse of talents” Sophie said.

“The things that are great about stars are their flaws, the things that make them different, like Michael Jackson and Madonna.”

New Ricky Martin LP In March 2003

Sony management officially announced the international release date of 31st of March 2003 for Ricky Martin’s next album.

The Spanish language album will have the first single release come 28th of February, a track written by Franco de Vita that’s entitled ‘Tal Vez’.

Other collaborators on the album include Juanes and Alejandro Sanz.

The video for ‘Tal Vez’ is rumored to start filming in January.

Mariah Carey Says Eminem Not Rude

When Blender interviewed Mariah Carey and presumed that her song ‘Clown’ is about Eminem, the singer laughed.

“No, we can’t presume that” she says. “With all the clowns I’ve come across in my life, how the hell could we narrow it down to one?”

“For him, I don’t think he was that rude. For him, that was mild” she said.

Madonna Needs To Learn From Cher

Sex and the City stylist Patricia Field tells the New York Daily News that Madonna could learn some lessons from Cher on putting on a good show.

“Madonna puts on a fabulous show, but you’re not looking at her” says Patricia.

“You’re looking at all of the stuff she’s whipped out. For example, the dancers, the lights, the whole show eh ok? So you go to a Cher’s show and she could have flying people on bungees, but your eyes never leave Cher. She’s stunning like that.”

Ashanti To Keep That Pen Going

Ashanti tells journalists that she’s headed back into the studio next month to work on her sophomore album. She said “I plan on keeping that pen going, boy, because that’s definitely where the money is, you know?”

“And I just find that, in my opinion for me, you know, you feel it more when it’s your own lyrics when you’re on stage, and you just have that passion because you know exactly what you were thinking about when you wrote that record and why, so it just brings everything together.”

Geri Halliwell Buys New Home And Gets New Man

After her flat was burgled of GBP40,000 worth of stuff, and trashed in the process, Geri Halliwell has been a bit of a hobo, sleeping with friends or in hotels. Well, she’s finally got herself a new place near Notting Hill, after two years a-roaming.

A snip at GBP1.5 million, it’s bristling with security to ensure she doesn’t get done over again.

But not only has she got a new gaff, she’s also got a new guy. A friend told the Daily Star “Geri’s happy at the moment. She’s found a dream home and a new romance. It’s early days but she’s enjoying her time and discreet dates with this guy. She’s had such bad luck with fellahs in the past that she’s desperate to keep him under wraps until the time’s right.”