Ozzy Osbourne Has Had Cosmetic Surgery

Hellraiser rocker Ozzy Osbourne has finally admitted “I HAVE had a facelift.”

The Black Sabbath wildman came clean after years spent denying he had gone under the knife. Ozzy, 56, had claimed he had lost his haggard appearance by giving up drink and drugs.

But the rocker told celebrity magazine Reveal “I’ve had a face job and a new nose. It boosted my confidence no end.”

Wife Sharon has always admitted she owes her smooth line-free complexion to GBP120,000 worth of plastic surgery.Ozzy, who renewed his wedding vows with 51 year old X-Factor judge Sharon on New Year’s Eve, also revealed he expects to spend the rest of his life with her.

He said “We’re in it for the long haul.”

Referring to Sharon’s colon cancer scare he added “I thought she was going to die. But she’s not allowed to die before me. I couldn’t live without her. I love her, the soul, the person.”

Kelly Osbourne Stands Up Fro Her Brother, Jack

Kelly Osbourne of late has been standing up for her brother, Jack.

“I don’t understand why people make going into rehab a bad thing,” she said. “Every single person who wrote something about it probably does drugs.”

“Look, I love my brother like anything and my brother’s a better person to admit that he has a problem and go in and fix it. People should praise him and be like, wow, that’s amazing instead of ooh, that’s stupid.”

Osbourne’s Noisy Neighbour Is A Popstar

Ever wondered who The Osbournes’ infamously noisy next door neighbour actually is? Well, it’s been revealed that Ozzy, Sharon and company’s Beverly Hills bette noir is a popstar, but just a one hit wonder star.

His name is Owen Paul, who enjoyed just the one radio hit way back in 1986 with ‘My Favourite Waste Of Time’.Owen, who some may remember sported one of the finest mullets of the 80’s, is making a comeback of sorts as the troublesome neighbour of MTV’s first family.

Sharon Osbourne was seen confronting her neighbour in the first series of the hit docu-show, after Owen made such a racket through the night, which ends with Ozzy throwing a rock through the former popster’s window!

Unsurprisingly, given his new-found notoriety, after years in the musical wilderness, Owen Paul is set to attempt something of a comeback, with the release of his ‘About Time’, a song he’s described as “romantic, heartfelt, meaningful, passionate and honest.”

Kelly Osbourne Placed Nose Boogers On Christina Aguilera’s Car

Sharon Osbourne was featured in Rolling Stone magazine’s Women In Rock issue and took the opportunity to slam Christina Aguilera.

Sharon revealed “Christina Aguilera needs to get her head out of her ass and fu**ing see the real world and see that she’s got a great voice and she’s very lucky, shut the fu** up, get a new stylist, and just go out there and sing. She’s very precious.”

“Kelly put boogers on her car. They were in the same studio, and they don’t like each other, and so she’s got this big Bentley that she drives around in, so Kelly picked her nose and put boogers on all the handles.”

Sharon also added that Christina, like other “kiddie bands” have “become idiots. They become prima donnas. That’s why now I don’t manage anymore.”

Kelly Osbourne Doesn’t Know Why She Does The Osbournes

Kelly Osbourne got asked by members of the press why she does the hit MTV reality show ‘The Osbournes’.

“You’ve got to ask my mum for your answer to that” she responded.

“Sincerely, I don’t fu**ing know. For experience I guess. It’s like a home video we’ll all get to look back on in 20 years. But it’s weird. I wouldn’t want to watch me if I wasn’t me. I’d hate me if I wasn’t me.”

Kelly Osbourne Disses Christina Aguilera

Kelly Osbourne has blasted pop peer Christina Aguilera, though she says she wouldn’t tell it to her face, unless provoked.

“Christina Aguilera is one of the most disgusting human beings in the world. She is despicable for so many reasons. She has an amazing voice, but that doesn’t change the fact she’s one of the world’s biggest cu**s.”

“She also looks like a fu**ing drag queen!”

But would she tell Christina if she ran into her? “I don’t like arguing” she said. “I’d probably just ignore her. But if she said something to me, I wouldn’t hesitate to tell her what I think of her.”

Catch Austin Powers On The Osbournes

If you are a fan of the The Osbournes, keep your eyes peeled for Austin Powers also known as Mike Myers.

The groovy star will appear in the second series after he reportedly visited the family several times to persuade them into making a cameo appearance on his movie ‘Austin Powers In Goldmember.’

Meanwhile Jack Osbourne is going places. He will play himself in the first episode of Dawson’s Creek next season and if he’s a hit, the producers might consider something permanent.

The Osbournes Adopt A Baby

TV’s favorite zany family The Osbournes have adopted a friend of their daughters’ Kelly and Aimee after his mother died of cancer.

According to the New York Post, Ozzy and Sharon “adopted” Robert Marcato and moved him into their LA home. They will pay for his college education and will even include him in the next season of The Osbournes as Baby Osbourne despite him being 18.

Robert’s mother died of the same cancer that Sharon is suffering from. She told the paper that she was feeling fine after three chemotherapy treatments to battle cancer of the colon. Her treatment will feature in the next series of The Osbournes which is due to screen in the US this autumn.

Jack Osbourne Dating British Aspiring Pop Star, Catalina Guirado

People are pretty puzzled over this pair-up since he’s a roly-poly, spotty, spectacled geek and he has managed to bag himself a British beauty.

Ozzy Osbourne’s son, Jack, star of my favourite MTV fly-on-the-wall show, ‘The Osbournes’ has been seen publicly romancing attractive British model Catalina Guirado.

It’s been reported that Jack has been helping her launch a pop career in LA and the pair have been seen on dates. He’s writing songs for the girl and friends say that they’re pratically inseparable.

Just about everyone knows who Jack is. But just who is Catalina? Well, she started out in showbiz on Chris Evan’s ‘TFI Friday’. She was the looker who threw herself at ugly blokes on the Friday night series, only to end up being given the knock-back.

She says “Jack is a sweet guy and really knows his stuff. He’s very talented. I’m taking him out and showing him a good time. Yes, we’re dating, but in an American sense. Make of that what you will.”

It’s said that it’s not the first time eye-catching Catalina has gone for someone with specs appeal. She went out with her boss, TFI’s host Chris Evans, when they worked together and has also dated Prodigy’s Liam Howlett and actor Rufus Sewell.

Invite The Osbournes Into Your Computer

They’ve been called the real-life Simpsons. The fly-on-the wall series featuring Ozzy Osbourne and his eccentric family, ‘The Osbournes’ is the highest rating show on MTV US ever. And they made their UK Premiere on screen yesterday.

Whether you’re a fan of Ozzy or not, the show is certainly addictive, as we see Ozzy and his family swear, fight and scare the neighbours!

To celebrate the launch, MTV UK has launched the fantastic Osbournes Microsite.The site features a virtual tour of the Osbourne’s home, with all four family members, the nanny and pets represented as interactive animated characters. The site launched with access to the Osbourne’s virtual living room/kitchen, with the characters interacting with the room and each other.

Throughout the series’ ten week run further rooms will be rolled out with increased character interactivity.

Examples of current features include:

By right clicking on the characters users can make the


Introduce themselves

Call over other characters for a chat

Swear randomly

Interact with objects in the house

By clicking on certain objects in the house users can launch key site content

Clicking on the television launches video clips

By clicking on the laptop users can sign up for the newsletter

The messages pinned to the fridge will launch the message boards

Future content includes photo galleries, diaries from the family members and their domestic staff, message boards and screen-savers.

Check all this and more out at The Osbournes Microsite.