Meet Encore, Hot New Rapper And Watch His Video

Born in Palo Alto and raised in Milpitas, Encore enjoyed b-boying and reveled in getting his hands on the hottest new hip hop music as a teen. That’s when Encore decided he wants to be a rapper and is now a hotly tiped artist to be huge.

Encore’s talent shines through in his music. His persistence in balancing art with professionalism has helped him hone his craft, leaving little room for doubt that Layover, his album now out in stores, will fly high with the masses.

‘I don’t make music to be a good Bay Area record, or just to make a good rap record for that matter. I’m trying to make a good record, period.’

His single, Real Talk is being heavily requested and you may watch what the fuss is all about below as I’ve managed to get the video to Real Talk. Brilliant stuff this.

Click here to watch Real Talk.