Follow Britney, Meet Britney, Win Tickets!

Britney Spears is in New York City this week as part of her Circus tour. To celebrate, fans in NYC can win the opportunity to meet Britney and get front row tickets for her Madison Square Garden concert.

To win? Simply follow Britney’s Twitter feed and Z100 to catch the clues as to her location. Then simply be the first to track her down and she’ll give you the tickets. Here at, we’ve got a page full of Britney Spears News and a feed of her tweets – simply visit Britney Spears @ to get the scoop! Good luck with the competition and enjoy the performance if you are going!

Calling All Britney Fans – Get Remixing! is launching the official Britney Spears Circus remix contest today. If you have a favorite track on Circus that you’d like to remix, then get creative, record your remixes, and then upload the MP3s! The best will be featured right on for all to hear. The competition ends April 24 at 12pm PST.

Here’s the link to get you going:

Circus Remix ContestNeed some inspiration? Check out this remix:

Britney Tour Heads To Florida This Weekend

Britney Spears is continuing her comeback and fans in Florida will be able to see her this weekend. After performing with her act “The M+M’s” in San Diego, Anaheim and Los Angeles, she’s now taking the tour to the East Coast. She’s due to perform in Orlando on Saturday and Miami on Sunday. Tickets are already reportedly sold out for the 15-minute show in Orlando, however tickets for Sunday’s 8 p.m. show at Mansion Nightclub are still available for $40.

So get your tickets for the M & M Special Live Performance at Mansion Sunday May 20th fast before they sell out!

Do Something Director Upset With Britney Spears

Music video director Billie Woodruff is upset with Britney Spears after the singer’s latest mesage to fans referred to him as “a young, hungry, director” putting together her Do Something promo.

Billie Woodruff, who certainly isn’t young, and given his previous work with the Backstreet Boys, Outkast, TLC, and others, including Britney herself on Overprotected, isn’t “hungry” either.

“He was very hurt by her statements,” a close friend said. “She has called him several times since the posting but he does not want to speak with her.”

Get Closer To Britney Spears With Voice Mails

Sky News reports Britney Spears is set to rake in more dough offering a new range of voice mails. For a small fee you can download various messages from the Bollywood funkster of hits like Toxic and My Prerogative.

A press release from the singer claimed it’s a way of “getting closer” to her.

No word on when this will be officially launched.

Britney Spears’ 55 Hour Husband Sets His Sights On A She-Male

Britney Spears’ husband of just 55 hours, Jason Alexander, found himself another blonde to play with during a recent trip to Miami.

And his latest squeeze, named Ana, has something Britney doesn’t have and that is, a male member!

“The moment Jason saw Ana, he went straight over and asked her to dance,” said an eyewitness at Miami’s Club Space on the night that Alexander, 22, met Ana. “They spent the next four hours dancing, kissing and drinking.

“In Miami, Ana is well-known as a she-male, a guy who looks like a girl but still has his male equipment,” explains the source.

Just how far did their make-out session go? Ana was reluctant to kiss and tell, only letting on “I met the guy in the club, we had a few drinks, we danced, we kissed passionately and that is as far as I’m going with this story,” he/she purred to Star.Ana’s Web site says she charges up to $2,000 for a night as a she-male escort, and boasts, “I’m better than anyone else when it comes to small waist and that busty bleached blonde look with real 10-inch package.”

Jason did not return Star’s call for comment but his father, Dennis Alexander, tells Star “I wouldn’t know about this. Sure, he was in Florida a few weeks ago. But I thought he was going to Disney World.”

Is Britney Spears And Kevin Federline Over? Marriage No More?

Apparently following a furious row in public recently Britney Spears has called off her wedding to fiance Kevin Federline indefinitely. While their nuptials were rumoured to be taking place in the next few weeks, tension between the pop star and her dancer beau has reached boiling point and now the singer is suffering from a severe case of cold feet.

Although the Everytime singer angrily declared in the heat of the moment that she’s doesn’t want to marry Kev anymore, the tension is so bad between the pair speculation is rife they won’t make it down the aisle at all.

The pressure of getting married soon came to a head between the brooding couple when Britney, 22, and Kevin, 26, had an ugly row while she was shooting a perfume ad.

Seen laughing and joking just minutes earlier, the dispute seemed to erupt out of nowhere. Dressed down in a pair of slippers, the decidedly unglamorous celeb confronted her fiance during a break from filming. Clutching her new puppy protectively, the feisty singer gave Kevin a fierce verbal lashing as her handlers and family looked on embarrassed. Used to getting her own way, Brit gestured at Kevin wildly until her brother Bryan pulled her away.

Bisexual Explosion In England, Thanks To Britney Spears And Madonna

Nearly a third of England’s female revellers consider themselves bisexual and almost half have had some sort of sexual experience with another woman, ranging from kissing to fondling and full sex.

These are the revealing findings of an exclusive Daily Mirror survey of 1,000 women across the country who regularly go to clubs.

Britney Spears, who snogged Madonna at the last MTV Video Music Awards, topped the list of stars they would most like to bed, followed by the Material Girl herself.

Sources say that many more men are turning bisexual but they rather not go around talking about it so much.

Britney Spears Kisses Aishwariya Rai And Others In Movie?

The biggest ever budgeted Bollywood movie is in the works according to industry sources. Britney Spears along with Indian acting divas such as Rani Mukherjee, Aishwarya Rai and Preity Zinta may all work together on the flick.

There are many other Hollywood and Bollywood bombshells being considered too but these are the names so far that are being bandied about.

The story is about four Indian female students in Columbia University finding life in Manhattan, New York real ‘interesting’. In order to manage their studies they need money but do not have work permits. They indulge in all kinds of work and finally join hands with their American classmates in Upper East Side of Manhattan. They fall in love with Britney and others and finally settle in life!

The movie has multi million dollars budget and will dwarf anything you have seen before. No Indian actors are being considered. It has plenty of lesbian love and solid western style sexual scenes.