Siblings Daniel And Natasha Bedingfield At Brit Awards 2005?

Singing siblings Daniel and Natasha Bedingfield have been offered a staggering sum to duet at next year’s Brit Awards 2005.

The British chart-topping pair have reportedly been offered $36,000 to team up for the first time in public at the annual music event.

A source explains, “Daniel was hot before and is about to be hot again and Natasha is one of the biggest names to come through on the UK music scene this year. They’ve been made the show’s prime target already, even though there are still months to go.”

Natasha Bedingfield To Jive All The Way To America

Natasha Bedingfield’s debut album Unwritten is out in stores now and she’s told us she can’t quite believe the success she’s having.

She’s performing at Radio 1’s One Big Weekend in Birmingham on Sunday.

BBC Radio One spoke to her on Monday and she said she’s stunned by what’s happening. It’s all kicking off in America too! Natasha has just signed to a major record label across the pond, saying “Jive, which is part of BMG, they’re going to be the company that is releasing me over there. They do Britney and Justin. They know what they’re doing, so that’s rather cool.”

“You know, you have to step back every now and then and take a breath. Oh my goodness look where I am, today is my dream come true, how cool is that?”

Natasha Bedingfield Collaborates With D12

Natasha Bedingfield’s track, These Words is out now, and will also be on her upcoming debut album Unwritten.

One of the other tracks on the CD features Bizarre from D12, a surprising collaboration that came about after she got chatting to the band at Top of the Pops.

“I just approached D12 and said ‘Would any of y’all like to do your thing like your rap over it?’.”

“Bizarre’s the guy with the shower cap – he’s really cool. Basically, we did this amazing modern way of recording – he was in one country and I was in another!”