Kym Marsh Is Dumped By Her Label

The Mirror reports former Hear’Say singer Kym Marsh has been dumped by her label Universal Records after an embarrassing string of flops.

“In the end it was a matter of when, not if, Kym was going to be dropped,” an insider revealed.

“The bottom line is she wasn’t selling records and we couldn’t see how it was going to be turned around. Universal is desperate to save money and this week there were 40 redundancies. This is no time for sentimentality.”

Myleene Klass Bags Million $ Record Deal

Hear’Say’s Myleene Klass, 23, is going back to her classical roots after signing a week back a GBP1m-plus record contract, given to her by the bosses at Universal Classics. This contract will see her having in total of six albums.

The pop vocalistress who plays the piano, violin and harp, has inked a deal which her new bosses hope will help bridge the gap between the worlds of pop and the classics.

Norfolk-born Myleene was classically educated and trained at the Royal Academy of Music.

She said “I started playing the violin and piano when I was four, then I took up the harp when I was about 11 or 12. Before I could even read I was expressing myself through music.”

Universal Classics is home to some of the greatest classical artists including Pavarotti, Bocelli and Leonard Bernstein.

Bill Holland, managing director of Universal Classics and Jazz, said “Myleene is one of the greatest talents I’ve ever heard. Her mission is to eradicate the barriers between pop and classical music with a little help from us.”

Myleene Klass Debut Classical Single To Be Out In A Couple Of Months Time

Ex-Hear’Sayer Myleene Klass has signed a record contract worth GBP1 million to relaunch herself as a classical crooner.

Keen to bung her manufactured pop days behind her, Mylster has agreed a three-album contract with Universal Classics and is now getting geared up to launch her debut single.

One of her chums told the press “People forget Myleene is a classically-trained musician and can play harp, piano and violin. She has been busy writing and recording tracks and she hopes to get her debut solo single out in the next few months. Myleene wants to be seen as a sexy classical artist with attitude.”

Ex Hear-Say Member, Danny Foster To Go Solo

Former Hear’Say singer Danny Foster says he isn’t ready to turn his back on the music business. He says he is planning to launch a solo career after taking a month long break in the Bahamas.

But he adds that wants to steer clear of formulaic pop music.

“People are sick of the format,” he told the Daily Mirror.

“I’m really into my music and taking some time out gives me the chance to find myself. After 2 and a half years of working 20 hour days it’s like ‘Did I really do that?’ I’m just taking stock of things.”

“When I get back I’ll be concentrating on my career, sorting stuff out with the record company.”

“I definitely want to get back in the studios in the next six months.”

Myleene Klass Molested And More

Hear’Say singer Myleene Klass has been groped and beaten up by a gang of thugs before and it was just because she was in that particular pop group. When Hear’Say’s fortunes made a turn for the worse, Myleene, 23, suffered the brunt of the abuse by former fans.

Her band mate, Suzanne Shaw, 21, has spoken about the hard times too. She said “Myleene comes in the car and I look at her and she has the saddest face. I look down at her hands and they’re scratched and bruised.”

“My first reaction is, ‘That’s because of Hear’Say isn’t it?’ And it was. She got molested, she got beaten up in the street, just because she’s in a pop band. And to sit in the car and hear those stories every day. It hurts.”

Noel Sullivan, another member of Hear’Say, also suffered. “I got my face kicked in a couple of times. I don’t go into town at night now.”

Hear’Say’s Danny Foster To Go To India For Exotic Vacation

Hear’Say’s Danny Foster says now that the group has split, he’s also going to fly off England and go to India for an exotic vacation or something.

Chances are he will be travelling for the remainder of the year, where he’ll contemplate his future. His grandad Reggie commented, “He’s looking forward to a rest and getting away from it all. It has been stressful. Something like that always is. Personally, I was always happier listening to him sing karaoke down the pub.”

Hear’Say Blames Public For Split

Hear’Say, the band created by the TV show Popstars, have split up after less than two years. The UK chart-toppers have reportedly blamed the constant taunts they endure from the public in the streets and when

they perform.

Hear’Say, consisting of Noel, Myleene, Suzanne, Danny and new-boy Johnny were picked from tens of thousands of wannabes. Ten million people watched their final audition.

Danny, 23, told the press “We have had enough. The public make and break you.” Myleene added “Nobody deserves what we went through.”

The novelty of Britain’s first hand-picked TV group quickly wore off with the record-buying public. In March last year, they topped the charts with ‘Pure and Simple’, which became the fastest-selling debut single ever. Their third single reached only No 4 in December.Rumours of in-fighting were rife but a source denied the decision to quit had been caused by internal rows, saying “They felt they were constantly competing to try to win public approval.”

Noel said “We thought long and hard about it but we feel the time is right. The signs were there.”

Danny also said the band would travel around the country to gigs only to be booed.

The band admitted their success had disappeared quickly. “It’s a fad thing, a novelty. It’s like a pair of trainers, one minute they’re in and the next minute, they’re out” said Suzanne.

Noel, 22 finished off saying “We’re not millionaires but we are a lot better off than we would have been if we had been waiters and cleaners.”

Hear’Say’s Myleene Speaks About Kym Marsh’s Exit From The Group

Myleene Klass has spoken about the week she discovered that her Hear’Say bandmate Kym Marsh quit the hitmakers and she admitted it came as a huge shock.

“It happened after the rehearsals for our tour in February” Myleene told Heat magazine “I knew she hadn’t been entirely happy for a few months but she had perked up again. It was a Thursday and she said to me and Susie, ‘I’ll probably see you on Tuesday. I’d love you to come round to the new house for coffee.’ And then on Saturday our management called and said, ‘Kym’s left the band’.”

Myleene said that, when she was told about Kym’s departure, she thought someone was having a laugh “I made a joke of it because there’d been some story in the paper the week before that I was leaving. I rang Kym and her phone was on voicemail, you see. Nine days later, after reading headlines about me kicking Kym out, our manager came back and said ‘She’s left the band’.”

However, what’s troubled Myleene most of all is the way the press have portrayed her as a schemeing villain “People have got my character wrong. I’ve been called bossy and I thought that was bad enough. Now, I’m being called ‘the bitch’. I’d do anything to go back to just being bossy.”

Hear’Say’s next single, ‘Lovin’ Is Easy’, hits the racks on the 12th of August.

Hear’Say Criticizes Geri Halliwell

Hear’Say have criticized the selection of Geri Halliwell as a judge on approaching talent show ‘Pop Rivals’.

Myleene Klass says Halliwell shouldn’t be allowed to put together a new band because she instigated the Spice Girls split. Hear’Say were speaking on online celebrity chat show AOL Live this morning.

Myleene said “I’d find it quite ironic auditioning for Geri Halliwell. She instigated the split with the Spice Girls. I don’t know that she’s the right person.”

Hear’Say colleague Noel Sullivan said “I don’t see how you can be a judge about putting a band together when you’re the person who walked out of it.”

Danny Foster agreed with his two bandmates.

He said “It sums up how it’s going. Before, the judges were record company executive and management companies.”

Myleene added “Now it’s the blind leading the blind.”

And Noel finished by saying “…and they might not necessarily be so talented themselves.”

Hear’Say Bottled OffStage

Hear’Say were bottled offstage over the weekend, according to reports.

A mere week after they were chased down a motorway by a crazed gunman, and told not to expose too much cleavage by their record company, a roadshow audience in Stockton-on-Tees decided to hate them. With bottles.

Apparently, even a mention of the band’s name drew a hail of bottles onto the stage on Sunday. And to make matters worse, Liberty X got the best reception of the day, sending the crowd into damp hysterics.

Hear’Say must have been peeved!