Myleene Klass Molested And More

Hear’Say singer Myleene Klass has been groped and beaten up by a gang of thugs before and it was just because she was in that particular pop group. When Hear’Say’s fortunes made a turn for the worse, Myleene, 23, suffered the brunt of the abuse by former fans.

Her band mate, Suzanne Shaw, 21, has spoken about the hard times too. She said “Myleene comes in the car and I look at her and she has the saddest face. I look down at her hands and they’re scratched and bruised.”

“My first reaction is, ‘That’s because of Hear’Say isn’t it?’ And it was. She got molested, she got beaten up in the street, just because she’s in a pop band. And to sit in the car and hear those stories every day. It hurts.”

Noel Sullivan, another member of Hear’Say, also suffered. “I got my face kicked in a couple of times. I don’t go into town at night now.”

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