Paulina Rubio Gets Asked About Shakira All The Time

The very stylish Paulina Rubio recently said that she’s always associated with Shakira in some point in an interview or article.

‘It’s always the same thing. Nowadays it seems like all they ever want to know is how I feel now that Shakira has made it big and is an international star’ she said, speaking to the press last week.

‘Well, to set the record straight, I am glad that she has achieved whatever she has. She is a very talented girl and I wish her all the best in all Shakira endeavours.’

Paulina Rubio On Marc, Jennifer, Britney And Ricky

Steppin’ Out magazine recently caught up with the beautiful Paulina Rubio and asked her about some musical peers.

On Britney Spears, she said “I think she’s beautiful and she has a great mother, like mine.”

As for Jennifer Lopez “I think she’s cool.”

And as for Ricky Martin, Paulina calls him her favorite celebrity friend. “See, we grew up together” she explained. “He was in Menudo and I was in a girl group that competed against them. I love Ricky! We’re family. I’m also close to Marc Anthony. I love Marc so very much. He’s a darling, I tell you.”

Paulina Rubio Talks About Her Second Single

Paulina Rubio, while speaking to reporters recently, revealed plans for her next single, ‘The One You Love.’ “It’s one of my favorite songs” she said.

“I chose the guitars because they’re feminine instruments. They express my voice, feelings and my roots between Spain and Mexico, even when I’m not singing.”

As for the video, Paulina said it still hasn’t been shot. “We’re going to Los Angeles and I’m going to choose the best director. I can imagine this video like a spaghetti western. I will be a bad girl, fighting with men. Because we girls are the power of the new millennium. We are more loyal and more intelligent! This song is very feministic. So I imagine myself on a horse, drinking tequila and just fighting with guys!”

Paulina’s first single, ‘Don’t Say Goodbye’, is said to drop into British stores in a few months time.

Paulina Rubio – The Next Jennifer Lopez?

She’s hot. She’s Latino. She has been dubbed as the Latin Madonna for her way of dressing and performing on stage and she isn’t Jennifer Lopez. Her name’s Paulina Rubio and chances are, you’re going to be hearing a lot more from this fine lass. Steadily climbing up the US charts she is with her debut offering in English, entitled ‘Don’t Say Goodbye’.

Going all the way to the top slot on the Billboard’s Top Latin Albums with her Latino offering, ‘Paulina’ a while back, she hopes to repeat the same success she had, singing in English this time. With all plans set to release her first English language album, ‘Border Girl’ in the States come 18th of June, the 30 year old pop star and former Mexican television actress says that the LP will feature 13 tracks and it will be spiked with hip-hop flavor and other types of rhythms.

The striking singer who looks somewhat like Penelope Cruz, if you ask me, topped the Spanish-language offshoot of People magazine, People en Espanol’s list of the “25 Most Beautiful” Latin entertainers recently.

“Paulina is not only beautiful and sexy, but she has that star quality that will certainly put her on the map. She is destined to be the next breakout performer” said People en Espanol’s managing editor Angelo Figueroa in a statement.

I’ve heard Paulina’s track a couple of times on the radio and if you’ve liked the kinds of hits that Jennifer Lopez spins out, then you’re bound to like hers.

Check more of her out at her official space on the WWW at: