Paulina Rubio Talks About Her Second Single

Paulina Rubio, while speaking to reporters recently, revealed plans for her next single, ‘The One You Love.’ “It’s one of my favorite songs” she said.

“I chose the guitars because they’re feminine instruments. They express my voice, feelings and my roots between Spain and Mexico, even when I’m not singing.”

As for the video, Paulina said it still hasn’t been shot. “We’re going to Los Angeles and I’m going to choose the best director. I can imagine this video like a spaghetti western. I will be a bad girl, fighting with men. Because we girls are the power of the new millennium. We are more loyal and more intelligent! This song is very feministic. So I imagine myself on a horse, drinking tequila and just fighting with guys!”

Paulina’s first single, ‘Don’t Say Goodbye’, is said to drop into British stores in a few months time.

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