Hear Aaliyah’s Popular New Single

Blackground/Universal continues to find success with the new track, “Come Over” from Aaliyah’s platinum selling definitive collection, “I Care 4 You”.

In the United States of America, the new single “Come Over” is the #1 Most Added Song at Crossover radio, and the #2 Most Added Record at Urban Mainstream radio.

A share of the proceeds from Aaliyah’s definitive collection will be donated to the Aaliyah Memorial Foundation, which benefits the Revlon/UCLA Women’s Cancer Research Program and Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in Harlem.

Listen to a stream of ‘Come Over’ below. Please note that you’re going to have the Windows Media Player installed before hearing it. Listen here.

Missy Elliott Will Bring Out New Aaliyah LP

Missy, who will also appear on upcoming albums by TLC and Whitney Houston, is working behind the scenes and in the studio on a tribute album for her best friend, the late Aaliyah, as well.

“You going to, for sure, hear a new Aaliyah album” she said. “Right now we’re working on getting the artists together.”

“You know, she has a lot of songs she didn’t put on the Aaliyah album, so hopefully we’re going to get the artists to come in and sing the other verse on a song and keep one of her verses so it’ll be like a collaboration thing.”

“I don’t have an exact time frame on it because it’s a lot of artists we’re trying to get for it, but it’ll be soon.”

As for her new solo project, ‘Under Construction’, Missy said she’s pleased that the opus’ first single, ‘Work It’ has become an even bigger smash that her last LP’s ‘Get Ur Freak On’. Jay-Z, TLC, Beyonce Knowles, Ludacris, Method Man, Ms. Jade and Timbaland all helped Missy erect the album, which drops on the 12th of November.

Families Of Men Killed In Aaliyah’s Crash Sue

The families of 2 passengers who died in the plane crash that killed Aaliyah and 8 others on the 25th of August 2001, are suing her record label, Virgin Records.

Family members of Eric Foreman and Anthony Dodd allege that Virgin was careless in chartering the small plane that crashed immediately after taking off from an airfield in the Bahamas. The suits also claim the aircraft was overloaded and the pilot was not authorized to take to the air. The families seek unspecified monetary damages and answers to why this tragedy occurred.An attorney for the families said Virgin “took profits over the safety of transporting people” by using a “fly-by-night” charter aircraft corporation.

Minus the weight of Aaliyah and company, the likely weight of the plane, luggage and fuel was about 5,495 pounds, according to reports from Bahamian aviation officials. Maximum takeoff weight for the twin-engine Cessna 402B is 6,300 pounds, which would leave only 805 pounds for the pilot and passengers.

The ‘More Than A Woman’ sensation and her entourage were in the Bahamas shooting a video for the Grammy-nominated ‘Rock the Boat’.

A spokesperson for Virgin Records was not available for comment at the time this write-up was written.

In other news related to Aaliyah, her movie, Anne Rice’s ‘Queen Of The Damned’, shot straight in at No.1 at the US Box Office recently.

Aaliyah Tops UK Charts

Almost 5 months after the tragic plane crash which killed actress and pop singer Aaliyah, she has topped the UK Singles chart with her single “More Than A Woman”. The track is taken from her album “Aaliyah”.

New entries in this week’s chart include Addicted To Bass by Puretone, Bad Intentions by Dr Dre and Drifting Away by Lange.