Britney Spears Pops Clothes And Bosom

Britney Spears has allegedly employed her own personal tailor who stands ready to assist the star with a needle and thread in case a seam breaks during her performances.

Judging the size of her clothes, one simply have to be forgiven in thinking that the precaution is to helping Britney avoid the problem of body parts “popping” out during performances.

And in other recent Britney dish, reports have been circulating around lately stating that Britney Spears’ cameo role in the third installment of the Austin Powers flick would see using her bosom as a weapon against the agent! Britney, playing a femme fatale will use her breasts… literally! Mini-machine guns will extend from her chest.

One word: Phwoar –

Will Young Writes Songs For First LP

Will Young has written four original tracks for his new album, which he says, aren’t “typical pop songs.” He has been working with songwriter Cathy Dennis to find the right songs for the debut LP.

Will admits he was worried about being written off as someone who only does cover versions. He tells a magazine “It is a worry but then I know what’s coming up with the album. I suppose I think of the bigger picture.

“I’ve written four songs. The latest one is very European, slightly harking back to the ’60s. Cheesy but more tongue in cheek than real cheese – one to listen to in a rowing boat, floating down a river. It’s lovely. I think you should always be conscious of the fact that any job can be short-lived and you should always take steps to make it as long lived as you can.”

“That’s why we haven’t released an album straight away. We’ve taken care to write songs I’m happy with. When we acquire the right songs, then we’ll release the album. It’s all about setting up a long-term future” he said.

Natalie Imbruglia’s Beautiful Contract

Australia’s singer/actress, the dazzler, Natalie Imbruglia has become the new face of L’Oreal, placing her alongside some the world’s most beautiful women, such as the sexy Miss India’s Diana Hayden, stunning supermodel Claudia Schiffer, everybody’s favourite FRIENDS, Jennifer Aniston and many many more.

The 27 year old will soon appear in TV and magazine advertising for the French cosmetics manufacturer.

She began her career in TV soap, ‘Neighbours’ 10 years ago, but then launched a successful pop career. She released a second album ‘White Lilies Island’ at the end of last year and is currently shooting for her film debut in the spy comedy ‘Johnny English’.

She said “I think the L’Oreal contract is who I am now. Five years ago, I might not have even done it. Before this even came up, I think I’ve become much more feminine.”

A spokesman for L’Oreal said “Natalie is felt to be the perfect ambassador for our line of cosmetics. She is known for her genuine charm and personal strength of character as well as her physical beauty.”

Sophie Ellis-Bextor Rejected Kylie’s Hit Song

Cathy Dennis has revealed that the beautiful Sophie Ellis-Bextor turned down the chance to record her Ivor Novello Award-winning song, ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’.

Speaking during BBC TV’s recent documentary, ‘There’s Only One Kylie’, the singer-songwriter revealed that she and her co-writer, Rob Davis, had initially sent the track to Sophie before she released her debut solo single, ‘Take Me Home’.

However, Ms Ellis-Bextor told them that she didn’t think ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’ was for her. Cathy and Rob then sent the track to Kylie, who absolutely loved it and eventually took the tune to the top of the charts across the world.

Anyway, Sophie and Kylie are set to battle it out for the top spot on June 10th, when their respective new singles, ‘Get Over You’ and ‘Love At First Sight’, are released.

Suede Declare UK Tour Dates

Good news for Suede fans! They’re set to come to a town near you this autumn, if you’re living in the UK that is.

Brett Anderson and crew are to support the September release of their fifth album, ‘A New Morning’, with an extensive tour of the UK.

Kicking-off at Glasgow Barrowlands on October 30th, the group, who’ll also be playing David Bowie’s Meltdown Festival on June 23rd, will call at Aberdeen Music Hall (31st), Liverpool Royal Court (November 2nd), Manchester Academy (3rd), Leeds University (4th), Newcastle University (6th), Birmingham Academy (7th), Norwich UEA (8th), Bristol Academy (10th), Cambridge Corn Exchange (11th), Southampton Guildhall (12th) and London Shepherd’s Bush Empire (14th).

I can’t wait for this new album of theirs. Insiders say it’s brilliant and it may very well be their best offering so do make sure you purchase a copy.

J.Lo Hasn’t Had Enough Of Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez continues to plow forward with her booming film career. The pop diva is said to be in talks to star alongside Ben Affleck in writer/director Kevin Smith’s ‘Jersey Girl.’

A publicist for Lopez confirmed that the ‘Enough’ star is definitely in negotiations for the film, which has long had Ben Affleck attached. If she does in fact end up in the movie, ‘Jersey Girl’ will be J.Lo’s second pairing with the ‘Changing Lanes’ actor.

The two highly prolific stars’ first onscreen match-up, ‘Gigli,’ just finished shooting a couple of months ago. Directed by Martin Brest (‘Beverly Hills Cop’), ‘Gigli’ is a dramatic comedy with Ben in the title role as a hit man who involves the ‘Ain’t It Funny’ vocalistress in a kidnapping, believing her, perhaps mistakenly, to be in the same line of work as himself.

‘Jersey Girl’ is about a man whose life is turned upside down by a woman and her 6-year-old daughter.

This Is How Mis-Teeq Do It

On the 17th of June, sexy UK garage lady dazzlers, Mis-Teeq will be making available to the public their gorgeous double A side number, entitled ‘Roll On / This Is How We Do It’.

If you haven’t already heard it on the waves yet, then fret not because all you simply have to do really is just head your mouse on to their official cyberhome at and you’d be able to see their new video even.

When you buy that single of theirs, it would include the Rishi Rich Radio Mix of ‘Roll On’ that has already been receiving tremendous support from established posh clubs and radio jocks up across the UK. The single also contains the Rishi Rich Mayfair Edit of the Montell Jordan classic, ‘This Is How We Do It’ which was initially available on the Ali G soundtrack.

Also be sure to keep watch at your favourite record stores for Mis-Teeq’s specially re-packaged gold album of ‘Lickin On Both Sides’ which will most definitely be dropping in on the 24th of June so be sure to go grab your copy.

If it were up to me, then I’d give their latest effort 4 out of 5 stars. They deserve it for sure.

Dido Not Sure When New Album Can Be Released

Dido has told that she was thrilled to scoop the Songwriter Of The Year award at this year’s Ivor Novello Awards and speaking to members of the press after the show, the humble popstar, whose brill ‘No Angel’ album was the biggest-selling album in the UK last year, admitted she was thrilled by the superb honour and said it was “fantastic” that so many people had took the time to make a purchase of her record.

However, Dido also revealed that she isn’t worried about trying to follow-up an album as successful and as critically acclaimed as her debut. “The first album pretty much came together by itself,” she explained, “but I can’t wait for people to get to hear the new one.”

“I’ve started writing the next album, because I really do just want to get on with it,” Dido added, explaining, “I’ve got so many songs and ideas, I want to get them down now.”

When asked when fans can hear her new material taken off her new album, Dido said she wasn’t sure really.

During the ceremony, the ‘Thank You’ vocalistress said “Anyone who knows me knows how much this means to me. Basically all I ever tried to do with my life is experience as much, see as much, learn, do, sense as much as I possible can and just write about it. I feel majorly lucky that so many people have heard my songs around the world.”

Puddle Of Mudd Not A Boy Band

Puddle Of Mudd have slammed reports that they are puppets of Fred Durst after recent reports suggested that the Limp Bizkit frontman pulls all the strings in the band.

Speaking exclusively to a UK website, lead singer Wes Scantlin said “Some press have said that we are ‘rock’s very first boy band’ which is completely untrue. We’re a real rock ‘n’ roll band man! We write all of our own songs, we play all of our own instruments, nobody writes our songs for us and whoever said that can just kiss my skinny ass.”

Puddle Of Mudd became the first band to be signed by Fred Durst to his own Flawless label after Wes bluffed his way backstage at a Bizkit gig and gave Fred a demo tape of his own songs.

Fred then promptly helped Wes to recruit the rest of the band and the Limp Bizkit singer soon produced Puddle Of Mudd’s debut album ‘Come Clean’, as well as directing a number of videos.

Puddle Of Mudd release ‘Blurry’ from the ‘Come Clean’ album come 27th of May in the UK. The band are supporting Korn on a tour across the US this summer, but they are back in the UK over the August Bank Holiday for the Carling Weekender.

Britney Vs Justin & Britney Vs Sarah Michelle Gellar

What are these pop kids up to now? First they were off, then they made up and now they’re off again?!

It seems that maybe-not-a-virgin Britney Spears gave Justin Timberlake an ultimatum. Either not see dancer Jenna Dewan ever again or not see her again!

Unfortunately for our little pop princess, her N’Sync maybe-not-a-virgin boyfriend said he can’t promise her that.

Britney blew her top and told Justin that everything is over. Justin “dated” Jenna for a while when he and Britney broke up a few months ago. In spite of getting back with Britney two weeks back, Justin still met up for dinner with the dancer. Needless to say, Britney was mad.

Meanwhile, Britney is set for a role in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She is planning to take on the part of a blood-sucking baddie, according to reports.

She will star opposite Sarah Michelle Gellar for 6 episodes in the show’s next season.Britney is hoping the guest appearance on the programme will boost her acting career.

One insider said “This will be an amazing sight. Millions will tune in to see the two of them fighting in their trademark figure-hugging outfits. It will be a sure-fire ratings hit” reported the papers.

Britney made her big-screen debut in movie ‘Crossroads’.

She also appears in the forthcoming new Austin Powers film.

If you were to ask me, critic-wise, I feel that Britney isn’t very good as an actress to be honest. She could learn though. No harm in that. Now, Mandy Moore seems like a natural on the big screen right.