Meet MIA, The Female Dizzee Rascal

MIA is a brand spanking new British popstar with her unique blend of catchy underground hip hop meets dancehall. MIA is being hailed as the female Dizzee Rascal. This fun London based rapper is a critic darling. They all love her infectious single, Galang, as it’s hot and it’s pretty evident that all those who have heard it wants more. Plus, it’s being requested heavily.

You may watch the video here (Real Video Format).

MIA is signed to XL Recordings and they are rather excited by this. “MIA is fantastic. She’s supr talented and she delivers with such finesse, that you can help but fall in love with her. A future star in the makings” said MIA’s spokesperson.

Be sure to buy the single when it comes out in stores on Nov 1.