Uncle Kracker Won’t Kiss Willa Ford In His New Video

Not many men would turn down an opportunity to kiss the ‘I Wanna Be Bad’ hitmaker Willa Ford. Leave it to the unconventional Uncle Kracker, however, to prefer keeping his lips to himself to swapping spit with the lovely pop singer.

Before you start thinking “Oh, maybe he’s gay”, he’s not. Read on to find out why he won’t pay lip service to Willa.

See, Willa Ford plays Kracker’s love interest in the video for his new single, ‘In A Little While’ from his forthcoming album, ‘No Stranger to Shame’, due 27th of August. Besides being labelmates, the two are best friends, and the modest and shy Kracker felt more comfortable acting all romantic with someone he knew rather than a complete stranger.

“They wanted me to be all lovey-dovey with somebody – maybe smooching or holding hands or something like that – and I’m like, ‘I don’t want to do that,'” Kracker said. “But me and Willa are best friends, and I figured as long as I had somebody that I knew to do it with, it wouldn’t be so bad.”

“And because I can get really awkward when it comes to stuff like that” he admitted. “I thought that we could bring the same chemistry to screen without having to hold hands or kiss, just by being good friends. You know, we could give the same idea probably. She’s a cool chick.”