Jennifer Lopez Loves Her Husband, Info On New Songs

The honeymoon period is definitely not over for Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. The sexy singer couldn’t take her eyes off her other half during a showcase of her new music in London.

The Play singer, 34, played six great new tracks to a select audience at the Soho Hotel on Thursday night. And we can reveal she only had eyes for one member of the crowd, hubby Marc.

An onlooker said “While she was playing the tracks, she would keep looking over at Marc and smiling. It was really sweet. They seemed really loved up.”

Meanwhile, get ready for Jennifer Lopez’s new single, Get Right to hit radio outlets real soon. Some songs recorded by her to be included in her new album are I Got You, Step Into My World, Still Around, Hold You Down and This Is Me. Her new album, entitled Rebirth is scheduled to hit stores in February.

Mario And His Turning Point

As Mario began preparing his sophomore album Turning Point, the 18 year old adopted a more mature image, ditching his jeans, T shirts, throwbacks, and even his trademark braids.

He also changed his sound.

“It was kind of a funny change, singing mature songs,” Mario tells Billboard. “But it was natural. All the songs are about friends and the situations I’m going through.”

So far so good, as the first single Let Me Love You is nestled in the top five on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks chart and the Billboard Hot 100.

Usher’s Pimped-Out Makeout Car

Things keep getting better for Usher and Naomi Campbell.

After they spent Thanksgiving together in Atlanta, he picked up a pimped-out makeout machine for two: a $300,000-plus, 2005 Maybach 62. The two-tone gray luxmobile comes complete with his and hers 10-inch plasma screens in the back.

“Usher worked on the customizations for about two months, but he was most concerned about the privacy features, like the partition between front and back and curtains on the windows,” according to a source at the dealership.

The car goes from 0 to 60 in 5.1 seconds by the way.

Christina Aguilera Seeks Inspiration From India For New LP

The lovely Christina Aguilera, currently visiting India, is on a spiritual trip and reportedly seeking inspiration for her next album.

At a brief appearance before the media Wednesday at the Intercontinental Sahar here, Ms Beautiful said “I’m very glad to come to India. It is a beautiful country and I’m enjoying every bit of it.” For the singer, this is her first trip to India.

The pop diva declined to give interviews. However, she conceded a few minutes to eager photographers to shoot her pictures and take her video.

Dressed in tantalising pink, the diva was escorted by her own personal security guard as well as guards provided by the organizers.After the media appearance, she headed to town to Big Bazaar for some shopping and left for Amby Valley in Pune in a private chopper. Christina is in India on a special invitation by Percept and Sahara.

According to sources, the singer wants to be in India to get inspiration for her new album. Unconfirmed reports say she might be planning to incorporate Indian music in her next album or even collaborate with some well known classical musicians of India at Amby Valley.

More unconfirmed reports suggest that Sahara may rope her in for a guest appearance or a dance number in one of its Bollywood films.

Christina tried to keep her boy friend John Bartman away from media glare. He even tried to hide his face when photographers tried to shoot him while he escorted Christina to her room.

Rishi Rich Project: Aj Kal DVD!

After a mad time of sifting through footage and hours of editing, the first Doh Point Nau DVD, Rishi Rich Project: Aj Kal, is ready to hit the stores!

Aj Kal (Here and Now) is the first Doh Point DVD release, charting the success of the Rishi Rich Project; giving an exclusive insight into the world of the Rishi Rich, from signing his first record deal at the age of 13, teaming up with 2Point9 member Veronica to form VR1, to today’s phenomenal success, with collaborations with Craig David, Britney Spears, Mary J Blige, as well as the 2 Point 9 crew, Jay Sean and Juggy D.

The DVD was available from 13th December, you can order the SIGNED Aj Kal DVD from the Doh Point Nau store.

The brand new track ‘Aj Kal’ featuring Rishi Rich, Veronica and Juggy D is only available on the DVD, along with a load of brand new Rishi Rich ‘taals’ for up and coming artists. Check out B4U Music and Zee TV for spins for the brand new video for ‘Aj Kal’ featuring never seen before footage of the Rishi Rich Project, and a little taster of what’s to come from the DVD!

The Streets’ Mike Skinner, His Drunk Sister And Coldplay

Mike Skinner of The Streets spoke with CD:UK about a recent run-in with Chris Martin and his wife Gwyneth Paltrow that went bad after Mike Skinner’s liquored up sister spilled a drink all over the Coldplay frontman.

“My sister came with me and she was really drunk,” he said. “She spilt a glass of wine over Chris so we left. I had to pull my sister away and we went home. Plus I never spoke with Chris ever again. I don’t quite know where to hide my face ya know.”

Deeyah’s First UK Single To Be Released At The End of Jan 2005

Deeyah’s first ever UK release the double A-sided single “Plan Of My Own/I Saw You” is released in the UK at the end of January 2005. Both songs are written and co-produced by Deeyah.

Born in Norway and living between the UK and US, Deeyah’s influences are varied and range from Madonna to Dr Dre to Metallica. This is no ordinary singer and Deeyah can’t wait to unleash her unique contemporary pop sound to the UK.

Deeyah wrapped up two amazing and successful tours across the UK in June/July as well as in Nov/Dec, 2004 where she connected with her ever-growing fan base and performed live sets in front of thousands. She has spent the past year working with the legendary producer, Darin Prindle, who has worked with Destiny’s Child, TLC, Madonna, Jermaine Dupri, Boyz II Men and Usher. Darin says, ‘Deeyah is a star in every sense of the word. She has talent, drive, beauty and most of all, intelligence which you must have in order to stay at the top once you get there.”In August 2004, she split her time between L.A. and Atlanta in the USA shooting a fantastic video for ‘Plan of My Own’ with the award-winning director, John Lindauer whose past clients include Lauryn Hill, Mary J Blige, Lisa Stansfield, and Christina Aguilera to mention a few. The video has already caused a stir and will be on your screens in time for Christmas.

No stranger to success, having conjured up two critically acclaimed albums in Scandinavia, Deeyah is here for the long haul and ready to let her talent run wild.
The sexy popstress is already being compared and mentioned in the same diva list as JLo, Beyonce, Shakira, Gwen Stefani and Christina Aguilera.

Deeyah’s musical style has been described as guitar based R&B.
We will undoubtedly be hearing a lot more about this new star of pop that is DEEYAH.

Deeyah’s official website:

Eric West wants the spotlight, “I’m not Justin”

Pop singer and actor Eric West caused controversy in America , singer demands not to be called Justin Timberlake or Usher.

The rising pop star is building up his name with 3 movies in the works and his anticipated album “Half Life” will be in stores early 2005, but the pressure he might be feeling is from rivals, pop superstars Usher Raymond and Justin Timberlake.

The pop singer was interviewed by the Buzz 99.3 in the states, when asked if he feels he can be the next Usher or Justin he replied saying “I’m not Usher, and I’m not Justin Timberlake, nor are they Eric West, we all are different artist, and it’s unfair to compare us to each other.”

He went on to say, “I respect both Justin and Usher as artist, and congratulate them on their success, but as an artist, I have to spend time worrying about my music and putting out something that my audience will appreciate and not worry about what Justin and Usher are doing, at the end of the day I have to please myself and my fans, that matters more than Christina VS Britney, Janet VS Madonna, Justin VS Usher”.

Fans from spoke out about the comparison.

mrsjt said, “Eric West? He’s cute but does he really have such an adoring fanbase? Is he even anything like Justin? I am so sick and tired of the comparison crap.”

Anne stated, “Eric West is very talented!! I think since he is young and doing pop/r&b the media will compare him to JT [Justin Timberlake] and Usher. It’s going to happen with all the new artist who are young, male and cute.”