Eric West teams up with Indie Dance DJ, supports Ms. Jackson and more.

While gearing up for the release of his album ‘Half Life’ rising American pop sensation Eric West (no relation to rap superstar Kanye West) found time to team up with popular New York DJ Galbis for an upcoming single, which according to one source might hit the dance floors in Europe before it finds it way to America.

At the end of the month Eric will be attending the annual MTV Video Music Awards in America. When the pop singer was asked about what he’ll be wearing to the show, he told Teen People “I’m a huge Janet Jackson supporter, for the show a good friend of mine who is a clothing designer designed a I support Janet shirt for me. You’ll see what it looks like at the show.”

Eric’s new CD ‘Half Life’ was originally scheduled for release in September but will arrive January 2005. Eric’s publicist Marilyn Murphy stated, “With a lot of major artist releasing records in the fall, Eric could get lost in the shuffle so it was our decision to push the record in the first quater of 2005.” If we start working it immediately after Eric’s fall club tour of Europe and the US that only gives us a month and a half before the charts get frozen for the holidays” Barry Amatiello added, “So the question is, Can we push it enough in that short amount of time or do we let the PR machine build and take it to radio in January, which is what we decided upon.”

Eighteen Year Old Ciara Excited About Her Goodies

Ciara’s debut single Goodies, as we all know is produced by Lil’ Jon, is definitely a burner right now and the pretty eighteen year old even co-wrote the song, which is usually not the case for such a young artist, but she is just excited she had the chance to do that.

“I’m so happy I co-wrote Goodies” Ciara said.

But the slim vocalistress is hoping the fans don’t get the wrong message from her sexy single. “I pray everybody gets it the way they’re supposed to,” Ciara states.

Her album’s out on September 14.

The Black Eyed Peas And Their Love For India

The fantastic Black Eyed Peas told the press last week that one of their must-visit places is India.

Wil.I.Am said “Collectively, we have agreed that we all want to visit India at some point for all the beauty and colour it has to offer. Especially see the Taj Mahal in Agra.”

“It’s beautiful. Enchanting. Made for the lover.”

“We should actually write a song about it. It’ll be awesome.”

Soul Diva, Adriana Evans’ To Make A Comeback With New LP

After almost seven years since Adriana Evan of hits like Love Is All Around fame, came on the scene with her groundbreaking self titled debut release, the pioneer in the Neo Soul genre is finally back with an amazing collection of material entitled Nomadic.

The title refers to the nomadic lifestyle that Adriana has been living since she disappeared from the music industry. Adriana’s first release was no doubt ahead of its time coming out before a lot of the genre’s breakthrough artists such as Erykah Badu and Jill Scott.

Adriana’s new set once again is ahead of it’s time breaking down genre lines with an incredible mix of musical references as diverse as hip hop, soul, jazz, blues, afro Cuban, samba, folk and heavy rock influences.

Coming to a record store near you real soon. Keep a look out for it. It’s said to be absolutely brilliant.

Natasha Bedingfield Collaborates With D12

Natasha Bedingfield’s track, These Words is out now, and will also be on her upcoming debut album Unwritten.

One of the other tracks on the CD features Bizarre from D12, a surprising collaboration that came about after she got chatting to the band at Top of the Pops.

“I just approached D12 and said ‘Would any of y’all like to do your thing like your rap over it?’.”

“Bizarre’s the guy with the shower cap – he’s really cool. Basically, we did this amazing modern way of recording – he was in one country and I was in another!”

Weak Peter Andre Makes Fans Wait 7.5 Hours

Insania reigned at a personal appearance by Peter Andre at Somerset’s Popstars In The Park event last weekend. But the crowd was in a frenzy not because of Pete’s electrifying performance but because of a seven and a half hour wait to see their six-packed, oily hero.

According to the Mirror, Peter, who was joined at the event by girlfriend Jordan, left competition winners waiting over 7 hours and it was midnight before he met up with fans to sign autographs and give them a greasy hug. And the reason for the delay?

Apparently poor Pete had been on the theme park’s rides and needed a lie down!

One miffed mum said “I don’t think it says much for the reputation of that six-pack stomach of his. I’d have expected it to be a lot stronger.”

Buy Blu Cantrell’s Nail Color

Blu’s Custom Nail Color, Powder Puff Pink, was created by her for her fans to wear and it’s said to be selling by the truckloads.

“I created this nail color because it has a fresh look. This shade of pink reminds me of a powder puff.”

“I’m glad that it’s doing well.”

All this was made possible by Rock Hard Cosmetics and you can purchase one for yourself below:

The Malfated become a trio!

Dark and spectacular UK-based band The Malfated have announced a new addition to their line-up. The boys have recruited Natasha Spencer on rhythm guitar, which means that the current line-up is thus: Karl Steiger (Vocals), Paul Tovell (Lead Guitars), Natasha Spencer (Rhythm Guitars) & Belle The Expendable Drum Machine (Percussion). The recording schedule for the new CD has been put forward to September/October 2004 due to this change. I’m also in the process of putting exclusive mp3 tracks on the website.

For more information and pix of the delightful Natasha, go to the official Malfated website at

If you have any comments please sign our guestbook, located on the website. Please note that The Malfated are still looking for a bassist to complete their line-up (more details on the site itself).

The Beckhams To Launch Own Range Of Diamond Bling Blings?

Reports are emerging that former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham and her husband David are in talks to launch their own range of dazzling diamond jewellery.

“David and Victoria were approached by a diamond company to launch a range of jewellery,” a source close to the couple revealed.

“They are interested but the talks are in the early stages. It would be something they would do together under the Beckham brand. Both Daivd and Victoria love their jewellery. The designs would be more trendy and bling bling than classic.”