Black Eyed Peas And Their Burnt Studio

The Black Eyed Peas have been forced to flee a Los Angeles recording studio after it went up in flames.

They’re recording their new album Monkey Business and had candles burning inside the studio.

Unfortunately, whilst they were having a break a fire broke out. Guitars, keyboards, drums, microphones and classic instruments they’d picked up during their travels all went up in smoke, but they did manage to salvage some computer equipment before calling the fire department.

A very shocked from the band described what went on. “It was like ‘Yo, the studio is on fire!’, and we just came in and grabbed our stuff.”

“It looks dangerous. It was dark everywhere and pretty smokey in there.”

“It’s really scary, until you are in a fire you don’t know how scary it is.”

The band managed to escape with a recording they had just finished and a couple of charred guitars, however the damage has been estimated at over GBP300,000.

Jessica Simpson To Collaborate With Husband And Sister On Holiday CD

MTV News reports Ashlee and Jessica Simpson have recorded a duet. The sisters collaborated on a version of Little Drummer Boy for an upcoming holiday record from Jessica.

The title and release date have yet to be determined, according to her spokesperson.

It is known the singer will duet with another family member on the release, husband Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees, although the spokesperson was unsure which song the reality TV stars will do.

Shaznay Lewis Snubs The Appleton Sisters

You know what it’s like, you’re at a party, having a good time and suddenly, the Appleton sisters turn up. You don’t need it do you? Well, Shaznay Lewis certainly doesn’t.

Shaz has banned her ex All Saints bandmates Natalie and Nicole from her Ibiza hen party last week. Natalie and Nicole are also on the island and although Shaz has invited her old pal Mel Blatt to the bash, there’s no place for the party-lovin’ Appletons.

In fact Shaz, who is set to marry long-term boyfriend, Christian Storm, pulled out of a Radio 1 Cafe Mambo bash earlier in the week because she knew the Appletons would be there.

An ever-present insider told the press “Nicole and Natalie are not in the slightest bit worried about bumping into Shaznay. They have already buried the hatchet. But Shaznay is determined to keep well away from them for now.”

Ronan Keating To Join Stephen Gately

Sky News reports that Ronan Keating may someday join his ex-Boyzone bandmate and best friend Stephen Gately in the London stage musical Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

“I think he would be great in the show. after all it’s aimed at kids and he’s got two of his own,” Stephen remarked.

The play’s current run interferes with his busy tour schedule, but he may take on the stage role in the future.

Jamelia Dating Gillingham Soccer Striker

According to the Mirror, Jamelia has been swept off her feet by Gillingham striker Darren Byfield. Although not a Premiership star, Darren has still been showing Jam some nifty moves by taking the singer on a couple of dates.

Jam has been single for three years after moaning that her diva image was too intimidating for most men. “No guys ever chat me up!” she wailed. “Maybe when someone gets the confidence to come up and say something I’ll go on a date.”

A friend of Jammy’s said “Darren and Jamelia are extremely close. Jamelia’s pretty fussy about the type of guy she goes for and Darren ticks all the right boxes.”

Christina Aguilera And Her Precous Metals

Christina Aguilera has been telling all and sundry that she’s no longer wearing quite as much precious metal on her body as she is used to.

The elastic-throated star has apparently had a bit of a clear-out in the body jewellery department, and tells The Sun “I’ve taken out all my piercings apart from one in my right nipple. That’s for me.”

Melanie B To Release New Songs On The Internet

Former Spice Girl Melanie B is planning to release her new songs on the world wide web and it seems her material will be uploaded quicker than you can click the words “log” and “off.”

Apparently, one of Mel’s mates told the Mirror that the ex-Spice Girl has been writing a lot of new material with friends in her kitchen.

Mel’s mate says “She’s determined that people hear the new stuff. But she has no record deal so using the internet is her best bet.”

Mel has been appearing in the Broadway show Rent, but her friend told the tab “Mel’s enjoying acting on Broadway but her first love is her music. She’s frustrated that she’s been written off and a Spice Girls reunion hasn’t got off the ground. She’s proud of the new stuff she’s written, which is an entire album of low-key funk songs.”

Rachel Stevens To Go All Porno

Sometimes you just have to wonder exactly how clever your fave pop star is. Take Rachel Stevens, for example. She seems a fairly bright girl, right? And yet when interviewed about her next single, which is to be a cover of Andrea True Connection’s discotastic 1976 hit More, More, More, she gave a breathtaking display of missing the point.

When it was pointed out to Rachel that Andrea had had a Blu Cantrell-style career in rude films before she became a singer, Rachel replied “I’m thinking of going porno myself.”

Sadly for you boys, this is not quite the offer it seems to be.

She continued “My stylist was suggesting kind of retro, kind of ’70s, not naked but porno-esque. I think that would be quite kitsch and cool.”

Is Britney Spears And Kevin Federline Over? Marriage No More?

Apparently following a furious row in public recently Britney Spears has called off her wedding to fiance Kevin Federline indefinitely. While their nuptials were rumoured to be taking place in the next few weeks, tension between the pop star and her dancer beau has reached boiling point and now the singer is suffering from a severe case of cold feet.

Although the Everytime singer angrily declared in the heat of the moment that she’s doesn’t want to marry Kev anymore, the tension is so bad between the pair speculation is rife they won’t make it down the aisle at all.

The pressure of getting married soon came to a head between the brooding couple when Britney, 22, and Kevin, 26, had an ugly row while she was shooting a perfume ad.

Seen laughing and joking just minutes earlier, the dispute seemed to erupt out of nowhere. Dressed down in a pair of slippers, the decidedly unglamorous celeb confronted her fiance during a break from filming. Clutching her new puppy protectively, the feisty singer gave Kevin a fierce verbal lashing as her handlers and family looked on embarrassed. Used to getting her own way, Brit gestured at Kevin wildly until her brother Bryan pulled her away.