Record company clearouts means Shaz is at risk

As the saying goes, new year, new start, and especially in the case of all the major record companies as it’s that time of year again when piles of CD’s resolute round the bargain bin, when official sites start getting closed down and when we start to never again hear of acts once here. Yep, because the latest victims of the dreaded record label drop have been flying around, and apparently, Shaznay Lewis might just be one of them, due to the dissappointing sales of album Open, which only managed #22 in the album chart last summer, and her October 2004 single You, which went in 32 places lower than debut Never Felt Like This Before, at 46, compared to the number 8 position her previous single achieved.

But she’s not the only one, oh no. Apparently, Kristian Leontiou, Jay Sean, Raghav, Lisa Scott Lee, Sam & Mark, V and The 411 are other possible names that have been rumoured as well.Here are some handy hints to finding out if your fave act has been dropped or not:

1. Check their label’s website, especially artist lists. Check news about the artist to see whether or not any new news has appeared.
2. Do the exact same thing with their official website.
3. Contact labels if you do have any further concerns.

Shaznay Lewis Snubs The Appleton Sisters

You know what it’s like, you’re at a party, having a good time and suddenly, the Appleton sisters turn up. You don’t need it do you? Well, Shaznay Lewis certainly doesn’t.

Shaz has banned her ex All Saints bandmates Natalie and Nicole from her Ibiza hen party last week. Natalie and Nicole are also on the island and although Shaz has invited her old pal Mel Blatt to the bash, there’s no place for the party-lovin’ Appletons.

In fact Shaz, who is set to marry long-term boyfriend, Christian Storm, pulled out of a Radio 1 Cafe Mambo bash earlier in the week because she knew the Appletons would be there.

An ever-present insider told the press “Nicole and Natalie are not in the slightest bit worried about bumping into Shaznay. They have already buried the hatchet. But Shaznay is determined to keep well away from them for now.”

Shaznay Lewis Says Solo Career Has Been Enchanting So Far

As we all know, it has been more than three years since the break up of hit all girl group All Saints. Shaznay Lewis was the one who wrote chart-topping songs such as Never Ever and Pure Shores, as they notched up five number one singles. And recently, she struck it out on her own and landed herself a No 8 chart position for he debut solo single Never Felt Like This Before.

“I’m very excited at all these. I’m feeling great. It’s been hot. It’s been enchanting by and far” she said, speaking to members of the press recently.

“I’m glad my first single has done how it has done and I’m looking forward to start promoting my next single, You.”