N.E.R.D Gets Political With New Single

N.E.R.D.’s Pharrell Williams spoke to reporters recently and said that it’s important to have a message with your song, and they’ll deliver one on their next UK double A side coming out at the end of February, with ‘Lapdance’, which compares American politics to table dancing and ‘Provider’, about a man who has to sell drugs to keep his family together.

“I’d rather share my wealth, and to me wealth is not placed in a piece of paper, it’s inside you. So you’ve got to offer that to the world” Pharell said.

“I think that as long as I am rich, I owe it to the world for the rest of my life to just let people know and let the kids definitely know. It’s not about money it’s about being happy. Plus smiling is for free so I’d recommend people do that more.”

N.E.R.D Won Shortlist Music Awards For Best Album

One of my preferred groups, N.E.R.D have won the American version of the Mercury Music Prize, the Shortlist Music Awards for their LP ‘In Search Of’.

Farrell and Chad say it’s one of the most important they’ve ever received “It’s just cool to be amongst all those great groups, everybody from The Hives to The Vines to DJ Shadow.”

“It’s a bunch of people with a similar vision to make music, not caring what boundaries or genre.”

“It’s by cool people for cool people, but for the people ultimately.”

Justin Timberlake’s Singing Like A Girl, Comments By The N.E.R.D

N.E.R.D.’s Pharrell Williams was speaking to reporters in Toronto over the weekend where he commented on Justin Timberlake’s new solo album.

“The new Justin Timberlake, it’s incredible” said Pharrell. “The boys from N’Sync are all really talented, it’s just that we ended up working with Justin at this point.”

“His album is incredible and I say ‘globe get ready’.”

N’Sync main boy, Justin Timberlake will free his debut album, titled ‘Justified’, which is set for a 12th of November release. “I don’t want to say too much about it” Justin said of the album. “I want people to get what they get from it. It’s definitely a new sound, not just from me, but period.”

He added “I think it’s cool. I hope everybody else does. I’ll tell you that I worked with Pharrell of N.E.R.D fame and Brian McKnight plus more whom you’ll find out soon of course.”

What does some people think of his first solo single? Well, according to some of those of us who’ve heard an exclusive listen to his first single ‘Like I Love You’, it seems that people don’t particularly dig the parts where Justin starts singing like a girl but it does have a good beat to it. It sounds as if it was meant for Michael Jackson actually. Anyway, I reckon it’ll be pretty huge once it starts growing on you.

The Neptunes = N*E*R*D

You would’ve already heard of The Neptunes if you’re one who’d like to be abreast with all things current in the music industry. And if you’ve heard of them, then you must have heard of N*E*R*D. Simply put, they’re the same guys. The Neptunes = N*E*R*D. To them, The Neptunes = Batman while N*E*R*D = Bruce Wayne.

The Neptunes/ N*E*R*D, made up of Pharell Williams, Shay and Chad Hugo, reign as today’s most successful hip-hop production team. Over the last five years, they have helped propel the talents of a number of artists, their punctuating beats and syncopated rhythms fueling a unique sonic aesthetic.

Now, working with Britney Spears for her next full-length release, The Neptunes’ N*E*R*D and the album ‘In Search Of’, mixes everything from hard hip-hop beats to black psychedelic pop to classic rock to new wave. The album brings a beguiling new sound to the pop landscape.

Some of my personal faves are ‘Rock Star’, the possible single ‘Bobby James’, ‘Lap Dance’, ‘Provider’, ‘Tape You’ and ‘Baby Doll’.

Head on down to their official page http://www.n-e-r-d.com and you’ll be able to preview edits of their full LP.

‘Rock Star’ will be released on the 22nd of July in the UK.