Anything Is Possible for Will Young

Will Young. You better get used to this name. He is of course, the victor of the smash reality-based television star search show ‘Pop Idol’, and has at last released his debut single, ‘Evergreen/Anything Is Possible’.

The former politics student, who seems to be rather individualistic and is surely going to prove that he’s not just a mere one-hit wonder, is all set to cruise into the No 1 spot this Sunday, the 3rd of March. The top position, now currently occupied by Westlife, will most likely not last, what with reports predicting record-breaking sales for Will’s single. The double A-side is also set to be the fastest selling debut in British history. Advance orders of Wills’ singles are reported to top 1.2 million, a lot more than Hear’Say’s ‘Pure and Simple’.So what it really means, essentially, is that Will Young, 23, who hails from Hungerford, Berkshire, is most probably going to have a No.1 position on the UK charts come 3rd of March.

Industry insiders have also predicted that Will stands to make a stonking GBP5 million over the next year, through record sales, merchandising and endorsements.

And just in case you’re wondering and thinking about finding more information about the ‘Pop Idol’ champion on the web, well, there are definitely no problems there. Type his name in any search engine and you’re bound to find loads of sites dedicated to the ”popidol”. Believe it or not, there’s even a queer site made with Will in mind. Anyway, here is his official site:

Any Other Night With Sharissa

There is a new lady voice of R&B these days and her name’s Sharissa. Sharing the same record company as Brian McKnight and 702, Motown Records that is, she has just released her very first single, named ‘Any Other Night’.

A pretty cool song laced with smooth beats, the single is all about telling a guy that Sharissa has been waiting for that now it’s his turn to wait for her.With help from her producer Bryce Wilson and R&B crooner Tank, the Brooklyn-born, Bronx raised songstress released her first album, ‘No Half Steppin’, on the 26th of February in the US. According to her official website at, this is what Sharissa had to say about her album “No Half Stepping goes for everything in life, love, your relationship, friendships, everything”.

Maybe it’s me but doesn’t Sharissa look a lot like Eve, with the short hair and all. Anyway, personally I feel that Sharissa has got what it takes to make it big. You might want to try checking out the audio samples and the video even at her website, just to know what she’s all about. Support her if you like what you hear.

Anastacia Is A Freak of Nature

After giving us ‘Paid My Dues’, Anastacia’s back once more with her second single that can be found on her sophomore full-length recording from Epic Records, ‘Freak Of Nature’. Called ‘One Day In Your Life’, it’s one of those songs that seem to get stuck in your head once you hear it, especially the part where she sings the title.

The Chicago-born, New York raised singer who co-wrote 12 songs on her follow-up LP which by the way has sold over 2.5 million copies worldwide and counting, used to be called freak of nature by her mother because of Anastacia’s voice that simply don’t match the way she looks.Set for even bigger things in the future, Anastacia and that mesmerizing voice of hers will be recognised by even more people when she sings the new World Cup 2002 theme song entitled ‘Boom’ which she wrote for the occasion with Glen Ballard. Who knows, the World Cup song might do the same for Anastacia as it did for Ricky Martin way back in 1998. ‘Boom’ will be available on the ‘International Official Album of the 2002 FIFA World Cup’ which will be out around late May just about the same time when the World Cup fever starts to kick in.

Anyway, ‘One Day In Your Life’ is a pretty cool number that I would give 3 stars out of 5. Worth listening to.

The Envious Dawn Robinson

Dawn Robinson has, recently in the US, released her solo disc, ‘Dawn’ and the very first single to be taken off it is called ‘Envious’. Who exactly is Dawn Robinson and why should anyone keep a lookout for her material?

See, back in the 90’s, Dawn was previously of the successful R&B outfit, En Vogue. When she left the group, she, together with Ali Shaeed Muhammad formerly of A Tribe Called Quest fame and Raphael Saadiq who was in the past, in Tony Tone Toni, formed the critically acclaimed, Grammy nominated Lucy Pearl.Apparently, Dawn’s thirst to branch out as a solo artiste took over and soon after leaving Lucy Pearl, she signed on with Q Records last year and immediately started looking for collaborators. “In many ways this is the record I was always supposed to make,” she says. “The one where I feel I’ve left no creative stone unturned. The opportunity with Q gave me a chance to be more creative all the way around. Q Records understands what I want to accomplish. I’m in a place where I can make the kind of solo album all my fans have been waiting for.”

Her new album, which consists of 12 songs, also gives her the opportunity to write and produce her songs, something she wasn’t able to do in the past. Filled with an outstanding mix of soul, rock, funk and R&B in her brand new CD, the stunning beauty, who grew up listening to The Bee Gees and Janis Joplin, worked with Pajam (N’Sync, Sisqo), Travon Potts (Christina Aguilera, Monica), and more when it came to putting her solo release together.

More news on Dawn? Want to catch her music video? You might want to get to her website then at:

Today Is Kylie Fever Day

Today sees the long-awaited release of Kylie’s hit album “Fever” in the United States.

The album has already gone double-platinum in the UK alone, and according to our sources, the initial pressings will contain two extra bonus tracks – “Boy” and “Butterfly”.

The full tracking listing is as follows:More More More

Love At First Sight

Can’t Get You Out Of My Head


Give It To Me


Come Into My World

In Your Eyes


Love Affair

Your Love

Burning Up

Boy (Bonus Track)

Butterfly (Bonus Track)

Princess Superstar Is A Bad Babysitter

Currently at No.11 on the UK charts for her pretty filthy single ‘Bad Babysitter’, Princess Superstar, born Concetta Kirschner, has been dubbed as the female equivalent of Eminem.

It may seem like Princess Superstar, a native New Yorker, is a newcomer but the truth of the matter is she has been making music for years at her own leisurely pace and her latest album ‘Princess Superstar Is’ is actually her fourth LP.”Everyone tells me I’m the female Eminem. Well, all I’m going to talk about is getting f***ed up the butt then.”

Seldom a second passes on Princess Superstar’s excellent current album without the New Yorker impressing with her astounding lyrics. Fresh and with a twisted sense of humour, Princess Superstar, who respects Missy Elliott a lot and feels there should be more female rappers today, offers what is lacking in today’s music scene.

In an exclusive interview conducted recently, Princess Superstar, who chose the stage name so as to be as ironic and over the top as possible, talked about her controversial music video for her ‘Bad Babysitter’ number. She said “There are different boyfriends in the shower. There’s even the pizza man who turns up and I do nasty, crazy things to him.”

Princess Superstar has her own official website: Surf on to there for more news.

Puddle Of Mudd Comes Clean

Faking a backstage pass and handing a demo tape to Fred Durst at a Limp Bizkit concert in Kansas, Puddle Of Mudd may have never enjoyed commercial success at all. Last week, they entered the UK charts at a No.15 slot for their incredible debut offering ‘Control’. Their virgin album ‘Come Clean’ can be found in stores right now and has sold over 1.3 million copies in the US alone.

Signed on to Fred Durst’s Flawless Records, Puddle Of Mudd consist of singer/guitarist Wes Scantlin, guitarist Paul Phillips, bassist Doug Ardito and drummer Greg Upchurch.Puddle Of Mudd revealed their true feelings recently on the whole Britney phenomenon and the lack of non-manufactured pop dominating the charts nowadays and this is what lead singer Wesley had to say “I like listening to artists that write their own music. It really, really connects the band to the music.” He went on to diss artists who don’t write their own songs as “puppets”. Paul, the guitarist, added: “Actually, I like her when the mute button is on. If the volume is down all the way, she’s great”.

If you liked their first smash hit ‘Control’, then you definitely wouldn’t want to miss their follow up track entitled ‘Blurry’ which just happens to be a personal favourite of mine.

Anyway, Wesley and company can be found on their official home on the web at:

Brandy’s Full Moon Releases Today

After two mutli-platinum albums, Brandy releases her brand new album in the UK today.

Titled “Full Moon”, it features input from Rodney Jerkins (Michael Jackson, Jennifer Lopez), and Keith Crouch (Boyz II Men, Toni Braxton), as well as acclaimed producers as Mike City (Sunshine Anderson), and Warren Campbell (Angie Stone, Sisqo).

The album is scheduled for a US release on Tuesday March 5th.

The track listing is as follows:1. B Rocka Intro

2. Full Moon

3. I Thought

4. When You Touch Me

5. Like This

6. All In Me

7. Apart

8. Can We

9. What About Us?

10. Anybody

11. Nothing

12. It’s Not Worth It

13. He Is

14. Come A Little Closer

15. Love Wouldn’t Count Me Out

16. Wow

17. Another Day In Paradise

Christina Closes Down The Winter Olympics

Christina Aguilera closed down the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, USA, with a fantastic performance of her upcoming track “Infatuation”. She was wearing a great outfit, her dance moves were as slick as ever, and her vocals were strong.

As reported earlier on, Christina has a new album slated for release in April or May, and we should see it include Latin, Pop and R n’ B influences. “Infatuation” should do comfortably in the charts when it is released.

Other perfomers at the closing cermony included British Dance act Moby, Charlotte Church and Jon Bon Jovi.

Any thoughts on the performances? Add your comments below or send us a review using the link on the left-hand menu.

In Your Eyes At Number Three

Kylie has gone straight into this week’s UK Top 40 chart at Number Three.

Her single, “In Your Eyes”, didn’t quite sell enough to beat Westlife with their new track “World Of Our Own”. Westlife knocked Enrique Iglesias off the top spot, after being there for 4 consecutive weeks with “Hero”.

Still, Kylie’s peformance at last week’s Brit awards should give us some idea of what to expect in her upcoming UK tour, and we doubt very much that fans will be dissapointed.

Well done Kylie!