Sharissa Steals Toni Braxton’s Man

Sharissa, who made her acting debut in the VH1 original movie recently, entitled ‘Play’d – A Hip Hop Story’, said she was impressed with the final product of the film and Toni Braxton.

“The movie is fabulous. Seeing myself on screen is wild. I keep repeating the parts where I come on at home” Sharissa said. “Like, you have no idea while you’re filming what it’s going to look like because you don’t have that same vision that the director has. We do our part to the best of our ability. But when he puts that story together, it is beautiful. I’m sitting there watching this movie like I wasn’t even a part of it.”

In the show, Sharissa portrays Yanesha Kon, a singer turned actress who pursues a relationship with R&B rap producer Jaxx (Rashaan Nall) who is married to Shonda (Toni Braxton). It’s also the story of best friends Jaxx and rapper Mayhem (Merlin Santana) whose friendship and partnership goes awry when record label executives pit them against each other.

“Toni’s a fantastic girl. She was a professional. Everybody seem very impressed with what she turned out. No airs to her at all” said Sharissa, whose LP’s out in shops now.

Any Other Night With Sharissa

There is a new lady voice of R&B these days and her name’s Sharissa. Sharing the same record company as Brian McKnight and 702, Motown Records that is, she has just released her very first single, named ‘Any Other Night’.

A pretty cool song laced with smooth beats, the single is all about telling a guy that Sharissa has been waiting for that now it’s his turn to wait for her.With help from her producer Bryce Wilson and R&B crooner Tank, the Brooklyn-born, Bronx raised songstress released her first album, ‘No Half Steppin’, on the 26th of February in the US. According to her official website at, this is what Sharissa had to say about her album “No Half Stepping goes for everything in life, love, your relationship, friendships, everything”.

Maybe it’s me but doesn’t Sharissa look a lot like Eve, with the short hair and all. Anyway, personally I feel that Sharissa has got what it takes to make it big. You might want to try checking out the audio samples and the video even at her website, just to know what she’s all about. Support her if you like what you hear.