Mandy Moore To Take A Break From The Spotlight?

World Entertainment News Network reports that Mandy Moore wants to step away from the spotlight in the future because her early rise to fame delayed her dreams of traveling, studying history and fashion and opening a “theatre for young people.”

The singer/actress said, “What I do doesn’t define me. I’m only 20. I don’t know I’ll still want to do this in five years’ time, never mind the rest of my life. There’s other stuff I’m interested in.”

Mandy Moore Loves The Beaches

Mandy Moore tells fans that she loves the beach when she’s at home in California.

“When I’m home in California, nothing makes my day more than driving to the beach alone,” Mandy said.

“I put the top down on my car and shamelessly sing along to my favorite songs. it kinda rejuvenates me.”

Mandy is currently working on a new batch of songs.

Mandy Moore To Start Work On New Album

Mandy Moore has signed with Sire Records, the Warner Bros. imprint whose roster includes the Distillers, the Von Bondies and Hot Hot Heat, she told Reuters on Friday. Moore said she has started writing songs for her new album, but does not yet know how it will sound.

In some ways, Moore said she felt pressure following up an album featuring “11 or 12 of the best songs out there,” with a set of her own music. On the other hand, “I have no expectations, and people out there really have no expectations because I haven’t had great musical success. So that allows me the freedom and creativity to do whatever I want.”

Macaulay Culkin Sings Mandy Moore’s Praises

Macaulay Culkin talked about his new movie ‘Saved’ to the press yesterday and was asked about how he felt about working with co-star, the lovely Mandy Moore.

“She’s such a beautiful human being. Definitely have not got any airs about her. She’s loads of fun to be with.”

“And yeah, Mandy’s wonderful and we’ve all had a great time just hanging out. I don’t know any of her music at all, but I think she knows that too!”

Mandy Moore Inspires Fan Who Lost Her Mom

Here’s further proof that Mandy Moore’s a very kind person.

A fan on Mandy Moore’s official forum thanked the singer/actress for her role in ‘A Walk To Remember’, which touched the fan very much.

Catie had lost her mother to cancer recently and later decided to watch the movie. “I then began to find out more about you and I was amazed” she said.

“I mean you’re on the Red Cross cabinet and you have had how many albums at the age of 18! I was so impressed I wanted to try and do that with my life instead of just sitting around being depressed.”

Mandy responded “First of all, bless you! What an inspiration you are to me! I am beyond flattered that you found comfort in the film and it motivated you to continue moving forward with your life! I can’t believe the kind of stength you have! Wow! You and your family are in my prayers.”

Mandy Moore’s Response To Controversial Photo Shoot

After dozens of posts concerning her Blender photo shoot, Mandy Moore responded in an angry and frustrated tone at some of the criticism.

Mandy sighed “Man…. posts like this make me kinda say…’Oh give it up!’ First of all, Blender is NOT a men’s magazine. It doesn’t say anything about it being so on the cover. So, it’s owned by the same people who run Maxim… big deal. The same photographer who shot my picture in People mag’s 50 Most Beautiful shot these photos.”

“I am not going to justify me doing the shoot, because I don’t feel I need to. I happen to really like the pictures. So the dress is a bit shorter that anything I have been photographed in before. It’s not like I am in some cut-off belly baring shirt and booty shorts” she said.

“Just look at the headshot inside. How is that overly sexy? Guys, you’re going to have to trust me a bit more. If I say I’m not comfy posing in such and such, I am not going to. Period. I am not contradicting myself at all. No one makes me wear anything I don’t want to. I choose to wear it because I liked it. It’s something I would wear out on a night on the town.”

View the pictures here.

Mandy Moore, Sarah Michelle Gellar And More Love American Idol

From Sarah Michelle Gellar to Jennifer Love Hewitt, Susan Sarandon to Donny Osmond, Ashanti to Nick Carter, American Idol has got Hollywood’s actors and pop sensations talking and singing its praises.

“I’m like the hugest American Idol fan. I didn’t get to meet the cast of the show, but Simon said I was a very nice girl so I think I’m totally in on American Idol 2” said Sarah.

“I’m majorly obsessed” said Jennifer.

And even though Susan Sarandon missed last week’s show, her kids got her back up to speed. “They have definitely filled me in. That’s how much we all love that television show.”

Mandy Moore offered advice for contestants on ‘American Idol’. “Just surround yourself with the best people possible. Make sure you include your fans and your good friends and everything because they are going to be the people that you can trust” said the pretty Mandy.

Mandy Moore On Lousy Birthday

After a fan on Mandy Moore’s official message board complained about having a lousy 16th birthday, Mandy posted that her 18th birthday wasn’t all she thought it would be cracked up to be.

“My actual 18th birthday was spent doing nothing. I was stuck in a trailer with my parents for 10 hours hoping to work but eventually just getting sent home. To top it off, the weather was crap. Chilly rain, mud, the whole nine yards. LOL. Not as bad…. but I can relate on a level. I thought my 18th was supposed to be special too. I decided that I could do to make it better — by celebrating (I had my first real birthday party, nothing huge, but definitely worth it). I hope your next year is better than ever. You can make sure of it.”

Mandy’s really nice, isn’t she? I like her. And everybody seems to agree that she is a better actress than Britney. She’s a true talent.