Mandy Moore On Lousy Birthday

After a fan on Mandy Moore’s official message board complained about having a lousy 16th birthday, Mandy posted that her 18th birthday wasn’t all she thought it would be cracked up to be.

“My actual 18th birthday was spent doing nothing. I was stuck in a trailer with my parents for 10 hours hoping to work but eventually just getting sent home. To top it off, the weather was crap. Chilly rain, mud, the whole nine yards. LOL. Not as bad…. but I can relate on a level. I thought my 18th was supposed to be special too. I decided that I could do to make it better — by celebrating (I had my first real birthday party, nothing huge, but definitely worth it). I hope your next year is better than ever. You can make sure of it.”

Mandy’s really nice, isn’t she? I like her. And everybody seems to agree that she is a better actress than Britney. She’s a true talent.

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