Keith Duffy Still Angry At Ronan Keating

Almost two years has passed since Boyzone split up, former member Keith Duffy says he’s still angry with Ronan Keating for refusing to tour with the group one last time.

Speaking to a magazine, Keith explained that while he, Stephen Gately, Mikey Graham and Shane Lynch had planned to call it quits after a farewell tour, Ronan refused to join them, so he could concentrate on what’d become his hugely-successful solo career.

“He did pull out of it” Keith said “And I was so f***ing annoyed. We were all annoyed about it. I was just so gutted.”

However, Keith admitted his main problem with Ronan is that he isn’t the same fellow he knew a decade ago.

“I miss the guy that I was in the band with” he continued. “I don’t miss the guy he is today, because it’s not the same person as far as I am concerned. I think he kind of sees it that we’re jealous of him and I think that’s very sad.”

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