Boyz II Men Also Claim Music Industry Is Racist

R&B band, Boyz II Men, are the latest artists to claim that the music industry is racist.

Speaking to The New York Post, singer Shawn Stockman said that, when their ‘End Of The Road’ single beat Elvis Presley’s record for the most weeks at No. 1 in the US, they received very little press coverage.

Shawn even went as far as to say that, if they if were a white group, Boyz II Men’s 11 consecutive weeks atop the Billboard chart would’ve seen them on the cover of Time magazine.

“It was like a full paragraph in Billboard and then nothing” he reasoned.

Bandmate Nathan Morris added “When we had found out that we had broken Elvis’ record we were in London. We came back to the States and it just seemed that everyone was so loyal to Elvis there was a complete media blackout. I mean, can you imagine the publicity that would have occurred if Celine Dion or Madonna had broken that record.”

Boyz II Men’s fantastic new single, entitled ‘Colour Of Love’, lifted from their LP, ‘Full Circle’ is out in shops in America right this instant.

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