Mandy Moore Inspires Fan Who Lost Her Mom

Here’s further proof that Mandy Moore’s a very kind person.

A fan on Mandy Moore’s official forum thanked the singer/actress for her role in ‘A Walk To Remember’, which touched the fan very much.

Catie had lost her mother to cancer recently and later decided to watch the movie. “I then began to find out more about you and I was amazed” she said.

“I mean you’re on the Red Cross cabinet and you have had how many albums at the age of 18! I was so impressed I wanted to try and do that with my life instead of just sitting around being depressed.”

Mandy responded “First of all, bless you! What an inspiration you are to me! I am beyond flattered that you found comfort in the film and it motivated you to continue moving forward with your life! I can’t believe the kind of stength you have! Wow! You and your family are in my prayers.”

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