Mandy Moore’s Response To Controversial Photo Shoot

After dozens of posts concerning her Blender photo shoot, Mandy Moore responded in an angry and frustrated tone at some of the criticism.

Mandy sighed “Man…. posts like this make me kinda say…’Oh give it up!’ First of all, Blender is NOT a men’s magazine. It doesn’t say anything about it being so on the cover. So, it’s owned by the same people who run Maxim… big deal. The same photographer who shot my picture in People mag’s 50 Most Beautiful shot these photos.”

“I am not going to justify me doing the shoot, because I don’t feel I need to. I happen to really like the pictures. So the dress is a bit shorter that anything I have been photographed in before. It’s not like I am in some cut-off belly baring shirt and booty shorts” she said.

“Just look at the headshot inside. How is that overly sexy? Guys, you’re going to have to trust me a bit more. If I say I’m not comfy posing in such and such, I am not going to. Period. I am not contradicting myself at all. No one makes me wear anything I don’t want to. I choose to wear it because I liked it. It’s something I would wear out on a night on the town.”

View the pictures here.

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