Up and Coming Pop Star “BOBBY”

The music world is about to get a music legend. Bobby Solomon Smith is a 22-year-old singer, who reins from Texas. He is the former lead vocal from the former male pop boy band E’ccentric. The band had been together for 2 years, however after music and creative differences Bobby has decided to take the music world by storm as a solo artist. Diana Liner of Liner Entertainment, Inc. continues to Manage Bobby today.

Bobby grew up in Houston Texas. He has performed and won many talent shows, and other contest. He has performed all over the Houston area, in events such as The Houston Children’s Festival, The Rodeo, Malls and more. Bobby’s voice has been described as across between Ella Fitzgerald, Justin Timberlake, Brian McKnight, and Luther Vandross all rolled up in one. His music influences include, but not limited to, Brian McKnight, Selena, Boys 2 Men, Ella Fitzgerald, or any blues and R&B legends. Several Record Labels are currently looking at Bobby.

His voice is a powerful R&B pop sound. He was featured on a VH1 documentary on, being the next sensation from Houston, following in the footsteps of his idols Destiny’s Child. Bobby has a nice fan following that not only consist of Texas, but fans as far away as England and Canada, with the fan base continuing to grow.

Bobby currently has a 3-song Demo CD (He is working on his Full CD If anyone you know wants to keep up with this very talented artists, please join his online newsletter by e-mail to the following address: BobbySmithNews@yahoo.com You will be kept up to date on all what is happening with this talented star. Check out one of his fan sites: www.geocities.com/bobbysmithcentral

For Bookings Contact his Management :Liner Entertainment, Inc.

1-877-355-6704 or E-mail: LinerInfo@yahoo.com or BobbyBookings@yahoo.com

Usher Draws Inspiration From Michael Jackson

“I’ll admit, I’m following in the footsteps of the people that I’ve been exposed to” concedes Usher, 23, recently, speaking to reporters. “When I look at Michael Jackson perform, his energy is just incredible” Usher continues. “He goes for hours. And just when you think he’s winding down, he’ll come back and just kill it! To do a dance solo like that – man – how cool would that be?”

“I’m striving to be that. I’m striving to take what I have to that level” said Usher.

Besides drawing inspiration from Michael Jackson, the ‘Pop Ya Collar’ hitmaker also uses Michaels’ works a bit. On his recent hit single, ‘U Don’t Have To Call’, he adopts a lovely flutter right out of Michael Jackson’s 1979 album ‘Off The Wall’, and some of the same warm, easing chord progressions used throughout that album are also on Usher’s ‘I Don’t Know.’

“I think people’s interest in old Michael is kind of like mine. I listen to his earlier material and it just drives me crazy. I almost want to cry because he’s singing so perfectly” said Usher.

Avril Lavigne’s Complicated Breaks Record, Not Pleasing Some People

President and CEO of Arista Records, Antonio “L.A.” Reid, seems to be extremely proud of his current top selling artist, Avril Lavigne, as he’s still continuing releasing weekly hype press releases for the pretty girl.

The sales rise streak has come to an end already but this week Avril set the all-time BDS spin record for one week at Mainstream Top 40 with 9,205 spins of her first single ‘Complicated’.

She breaks Nickelback’s prior record of 9,050 for their brilliant ‘How You Remind Me’ number. “This is an incredible accomplishment” declared Mr Reid.

Next up for Avril is her sophomore offering ‘Sk8er Boi’, which MTV plans to cover with a ‘Making Of’ special video shoot. She will also perform on a Nickelodeon concert set for the 4th of August and on the 1st of October, she can be seen on David Letterman.

Meanwhile, I don’t think Avril’s pleasing just about everybody these days. Jessica Zietz of Rec Room Magazine blasts the singer in a lengthy report but below’s the jist of it.

“Avril Lavigne just seems fake, plain and simple. She tries to pull off this tormented, wounded puppy look in the ‘Complicated’ video. She emphasizes her songwriting and guitar playing, yet had numerous songwriters work on her album, while the guitar is rarely strapped around her body when the music is live.”

Hear’Say Bottled OffStage

Hear’Say were bottled offstage over the weekend, according to reports.

A mere week after they were chased down a motorway by a crazed gunman, and told not to expose too much cleavage by their record company, a roadshow audience in Stockton-on-Tees decided to hate them. With bottles.

Apparently, even a mention of the band’s name drew a hail of bottles onto the stage on Sunday. And to make matters worse, Liberty X got the best reception of the day, sending the crowd into damp hysterics.

Hear’Say must have been peeved!

Beyonce Saves A Girl And Thinks About Bikinis

Destiny’s Child star Beyonce Knowles revealed she had helped a girl on the edge of suicide by phoning her with uplifting advice. “I got this tragic letter from a teenage girl saying how sad and lonely she was and how she wanted to die. So I decided to call her at once” Beyonce revealed.

“When I rang, she was just about to commit suicide because she felt so unimportant. But after we spoke, she said that she felt visible again and decided that she wanted to live after all. It’s one of the things I’m most proud of in my career.”

Meanwhile, a journalist lately caught up with Beyonce who said she’s keen on dressing in a bikini. “Sometimes you think, ‘OK, the more I show, the sexier it is’ – but there is a limit” she said.

“I wouldn’t wear a bikini. I’m not saying I never will, because I’m only 20. At the beach it’s appropriate, but for a picture? People have tried to put me in teeny bathing suits and it’s like, ‘No, I’ll wear shorts.'”

T.A.T.U Gig Turns Into Orgy

There’s this article a while back that reports a show by T.A.T.U, a pop duo that shocked all with their girl love attitude, at the Park Avenue Disc nightclub escalated into a very bona fide orgy. The inside of the club was extremely hot and in an effort to save the party, T.A.T.U’s Lena Katina and Yulya Volkova, who are both 17 years of age, told the audience to strip.

The crowd then did, but eventually it led to half-dressed people kissing, groping and trying to have sex. The Russian pop duo, who first traumatized parents in their home country with their open-mindedness and now creating waves in America, were saddened and shocked by the scenes and promptly hid themselves in a far corner of the stage.

After security busted up the orgy, T.A.T.U made an official announcement saying that they were temporarily suspending performing in nightclubs.

“Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that something like this will not happen again” the girls said.

The parents of some of those in the club that night plan to sue T.A.T.U and producer Ivan Shapovalov and seek a sizable monetary compensation for the “moral damage” inflicted on their children.

T.A.T.U’s first English single, entitled ‘All The Things She Said’ is already out in shops in the US. Tatu’s debut English album, ‘200 km/h In The Wrong Lane’ will be released in the US and Canada come 17th of September. The album is set to come out in Continental Europe, South America, Australia and New Zealand on 7th of October.

Visit the controversial young lasses at their English website http://www.tatugirls.com.

Victoria Beckham’s Got A New Record Deal

Victoria Beckham’s got a new six-figure record deal.

The stylish star has been offered a contract by Telstar and apparently it’s said that besides Telstar, two other companies approached her, all after news emerged that Virgin dropped her.

Friends close to the Beckhams revealed that although she may change her mind since she has not officially signed the contract yet, Victoria is most likely to select Telstar. Why? Well, because both the famous husband and wife are big fans and friends of Mis-Teeq and Craig David.

A record company insider said “We are pretty close to signing a deal. There was almost a bidding war for her because we all really believe she still has a future in music. With the right songs and marketing she could be a huge star again.”

Listen To Samantha Mumba’s New Song

The new single by Samantha Mumba has been leaked to the Internet. Frankly, I’ve no idea how this got leaked and it has got nothing to do with me, but since it’s already out in the open, I’m going to provide you with the link but you must have the RealPlayer plugin installed.

‘I’m Right Here’ has much more of a reggae/R&B feel than some of Samantha’s prior pop hits, which given the direction of popular music today, shouldn’t really be a surprise.

Not sure if it’s really Samantha Mumba because just the other day, I read this article that suggests record companies are purposely leaking so called “new” material to those peer-to-peer networks for downloading. But whatever it is, it’s probably still worth a listen.

Listen to the track here

Paulina Rubio Talks About Her Second Single

Paulina Rubio, while speaking to reporters recently, revealed plans for her next single, ‘The One You Love.’ “It’s one of my favorite songs” she said.

“I chose the guitars because they’re feminine instruments. They express my voice, feelings and my roots between Spain and Mexico, even when I’m not singing.”

As for the video, Paulina said it still hasn’t been shot. “We’re going to Los Angeles and I’m going to choose the best director. I can imagine this video like a spaghetti western. I will be a bad girl, fighting with men. Because we girls are the power of the new millennium. We are more loyal and more intelligent! This song is very feministic. So I imagine myself on a horse, drinking tequila and just fighting with guys!”

Paulina’s first single, ‘Don’t Say Goodbye’, is said to drop into British stores in a few months time.