Usher Wants Prince!

Neil Sean of Sky News reports that Usher plans on working with Prince on his next album.

“I know this track will be the pivotal one in my career,” Usher told a spy.

“As far as I’m concerned, he’s still the king.”

Meanwhile, Usher’s fifth single Caught Up is currently enjoying it’s steady rise to the top of the Billboard charts.

Naomi Campbell Still Loves Usher?

The New York Daily News reports that Naomi Campbell was telling pals last week that she and Usher are still together and very much in love. The supermodel even said she’ll be in Los Angeles later this month to pose with him at a cover shoot for Italy’s L’Uomo Vogue.

But Usher has personally nixed her involvement, according to a source. “Usher is scheduled to do the cover,” his representative confirmed. “They offered it to him as a solo cover.”

Usher’s Pimped-Out Makeout Car

Things keep getting better for Usher and Naomi Campbell.

After they spent Thanksgiving together in Atlanta, he picked up a pimped-out makeout machine for two: a $300,000-plus, 2005 Maybach 62. The two-tone gray luxmobile comes complete with his and hers 10-inch plasma screens in the back.

“Usher worked on the customizations for about two months, but he was most concerned about the privacy features, like the partition between front and back and curtains on the windows,” according to a source at the dealership.

The car goes from 0 to 60 in 5.1 seconds by the way.

Usher And Model Eishia Brightwell Heat Things Up At Prince’s Concert

Though Usher’s rep denies the singer and model, Eishia Brightwell were an item, they steamed it up at Prince’s show at Madison Square Garden.

“They were all over each other during the concert, kissing, groping and holding hands,” a witness revealed.

“She was licking his neck and ears erotically.” Things got so heated, the two disappeared into a private bathroom backstage for at least fifteen minutes.

“He’s only known her for a few months,” a source close to Usher revealed, “but they’re definitely moving at an accelerated pace.”

Usher On His Confessions Album

Usher and girlfriend Rozanda ‘Chilli’ Thomas from TLC had a messy break-up last year.

Much of Confessions is inspired by that difficult time. “I don’t know where it starts and stops. I actually did go through it the way I talked about it,” he told Sky News. “Every album, I try to better myself as a performer and give more of me.”

Next up with Usher is his duet with Alicia Keys entitled My Boo. I have had the pleasure of hearing an exclusive listen to the song and it’s off the hook. Set to be a big smash. Look out for that.

Bobby Brown Went Nuts At Usher’s Birthday Bash

Bobby Brown was out of control during Usher’s birthday party at the Highlands club in Los Angeles.

Hitting the show without wife Whitney Houston, a source says Brown “stumbled down the stairs” and approached Usher.

“Bobby got down on his hands and knees and started bowing to Usher. Usher invited him on stage and told the crowd, ‘Here’s my man Bobby Brown, the original king of R&B!’ and they hugged” said an invited guest.

“But after the hug, Brown “went all Jekyl & Hyde” on Usher and started screaming, “You need to respect me! You took my spot! You are taking away my shine! I should be on stage, not you!”

A shocked Usher had to call security to escort Brown away when Houston’s hubby tried to fight him on stage.

Usher Doesn’t Like Justin Timberlake To Be Called The Next MJ

Reports are surfacing that a round of Usher baiting Justin Timberlake into a dance-off occurred when Justin and Charmed actress Alyssa Milano were on the dance floor at LA hot spot, Deluxe.

Four burly bodyguards cleared much of the floor so Usher could dance. Justin tried to talk with the R&B star, but he wasn’t in the mood. Afterwards, Usher approached the love birds’ table and started dancing and motioning for Justin to join him.

It seems Usher doesn’t like Justin being billed the next Michael Jackson, since he’s enjoyed that label himself. Sources claims that the two are friends and there is no Michael Jackson related rivalry. Usher’s representative gave a no comment on the report.

Usher Hit On Mis-Teeq’s Alesha, According To Harvey

Harvey recently revealed why he called his US R&B counterpart Usher a “prat” during an interview.

“We were at a show performing on the same bill and just the way he went on, like he thought he was better than anyone else. It was ‘me, me, me,'” the former footballer told the papers.

Usher made things worse by attempting to chat-up Harvey’s girlfriend, Alesha from Mis-Teeq. “You know, he’s lucky I wasn’t there because for sure I would have knocked him out” threatened the member of the negative-news-plagued So Solid Crew.

On a more romantic note, Harvey, who topped New Nation’s Sexiest People In The World poll, told the paper that if he and Alesha get married, fans can expect to see glossy magazine pictures.

“The celebrity photo shoots? Everybody keeps asking about that but it’s not a bad thing. Why not live it up? Not a lot of young black people have that opportunity” he said “At the end of the day, just enjoy it while it lasts.”

Harvey’s single, out on 22nd of August, is called ‘Get Up And Move’.

Usher Draws Inspiration From Michael Jackson

“I’ll admit, I’m following in the footsteps of the people that I’ve been exposed to” concedes Usher, 23, recently, speaking to reporters. “When I look at Michael Jackson perform, his energy is just incredible” Usher continues. “He goes for hours. And just when you think he’s winding down, he’ll come back and just kill it! To do a dance solo like that – man – how cool would that be?”

“I’m striving to be that. I’m striving to take what I have to that level” said Usher.

Besides drawing inspiration from Michael Jackson, the ‘Pop Ya Collar’ hitmaker also uses Michaels’ works a bit. On his recent hit single, ‘U Don’t Have To Call’, he adopts a lovely flutter right out of Michael Jackson’s 1979 album ‘Off The Wall’, and some of the same warm, easing chord progressions used throughout that album are also on Usher’s ‘I Don’t Know.’

“I think people’s interest in old Michael is kind of like mine. I listen to his earlier material and it just drives me crazy. I almost want to cry because he’s singing so perfectly” said Usher.