Usher Hit On Mis-Teeq’s Alesha, According To Harvey

Harvey recently revealed why he called his US R&B counterpart Usher a “prat” during an interview.

“We were at a show performing on the same bill and just the way he went on, like he thought he was better than anyone else. It was ‘me, me, me,'” the former footballer told the papers.

Usher made things worse by attempting to chat-up Harvey’s girlfriend, Alesha from Mis-Teeq. “You know, he’s lucky I wasn’t there because for sure I would have knocked him out” threatened the member of the negative-news-plagued So Solid Crew.

On a more romantic note, Harvey, who topped New Nation’s Sexiest People In The World poll, told the paper that if he and Alesha get married, fans can expect to see glossy magazine pictures.

“The celebrity photo shoots? Everybody keeps asking about that but it’s not a bad thing. Why not live it up? Not a lot of young black people have that opportunity” he said “At the end of the day, just enjoy it while it lasts.”

Harvey’s single, out on 22nd of August, is called ‘Get Up And Move’.

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