Looks Like Mariah Carey Won’t Be Dressing Like Britney Spears

MSNBC’s Jeannette Walls reports executives at Mariah Carey’s new Island/Def Jam label are urging the singer to drop her slutty outfits.

“In the last few years, she’s started looking and acting too provocatively” says a source. “She wasn’t doing herself any favors. She shouldn’t try to look like Britney Spears. She has her voice going for her. They’ve told Mariah to re-think her image.”

The source says the advice seems to have been effective. “Mariah’s not going to start wearing a potato sack, but Lyor Cohen’s advice really hit home.”

Meanwhile, Jimmy Jam who worked with Mariah, says “She’s very rested now. Her voice sounds wonderful”. Jimmy also says he’s confident the new album will outsell Mariah’s last album ‘Glitter’. “I feel good about its chances, sales-wise” he said.

For now, it’s said that Mariah’s first single will be a beautiful ballad called ‘Through The Rain’.

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