Mariah To Help Celebrate VH1 Save The Music Foundation’s 10th Anniversary

Mariah Carey and Jon Bon Jovi will join in celebrating the VH1 Save The Music Foundation’s 10th Anniversary Gala on September 20th at Lincoln Center in New York City. Jon Bon Jovi will perform as part of a special tribute to VH1 Save The Music founder John Sykes during a ceremony that will also honor Mariah Carey for her unyielding support of the Foundation’s mission.

During the elaborate 10th anniversary celebration, the VH1 Save The Music Foundation will honor Mariah Carey for her outstanding dedication to the organization over the years. Since 1998, Mariah Carey has been instrumental in helping the VH1 Save The Music Foundation achieve their goals by volunteering her time and efforts in various ways. Mariah has performed at several benefit shows including the very first “VH1 Divas” in 1998 and has been active in raising public awareness about the benefits of music education during events such as NBC’s “VH1 Save The Music Today! Week.” In 2006, Mariah donated the Escada dress she wore in her Intel Centrino Duo commercial, which later sold at auction to benefit The Foundation. For more on the VH1 Save The Music Foundation click here or head on over to for more Mariah news.

Mariah Carey Set To Release “The Emancipation of Mimi”

Mariah Carey Set To Release “The Emancipation of Mimi”

In-Stores April 12th on Island Def Jam

(January 24, 2005) New York, New York – Mariah Carey, the best-selling female artist of all time, is set to release her highly anticipated album, The Emancipation of Mimi, on Island Def Jam. Already being heralded as one of the hottest releases of the year, the album is set to arrive in stores on April 12th (and one day earlier in territories outside the US).

The new single “It’s Like That” (co-produced by ueber-producer Jermaine Dupri), which was officially released just yesterday, is already a top 20 hit on the Rhythm chart and this week’s Hot Shot Debut on the Billboard Hot 100, with over 35 million in audience – all without the support of a music video! The music video will be shot next
week by Hollywood A-list director Brett Ratner (Rush Hour, Red Dragon).

Mariah Carey wrote and co-produced every song on the album, which features guest appearances by superstar artists Snoop Dogg, Nelly and Twista, and features production by The Neptunes, Kanye West and Jermaine Dupri.-

Mariah Carey Turns Down Westlife

The Daily Star reports that Mariah Carey has turned down the chance to work with boy band Westlife again.

The vocalistress, who sang with the Irish boy band on a chart-topping cover of Phil Collins’ Against All Odds four years ago, feels they won’t do her career any favors now.

She told a source “I like them and all. Plus, they are very talented but to be honest I have moved into a different musical direction.”

Mariah Carey The Diva Of All Divas

The Sunday Mirror reports that Mariah Carey is the diva of all divas, according to Top Of The Pops and MTV host Tim Kash.”

“The diva trophy has to go to Mariah Carey, who once visited MTV and requested everyone in the building gather around and clap as she entered. Don’t quite know why she did that. Seems nutty and everything,” Kash said.

Mariah Carey’s Book To Be A Cartoon?

Apparently, a new children’s book written by Mariah Carey could become an animated TV series.

Mariah’s illustrated book is about a bi-racial orphan girl who eventually makes it in the big city. Personally, I find that it all sounds a tad to familiar….

Mariah’s agent said “It’s something she’s worked on without the help of ghostwriters. She has a whole idea based on her bi-racial heritage. She thinks there will be a huge audience.”

Meanwhile, it’s reported that the singer is working on new material which could be out by the end of the year.

Mariah Carey Thinks Ashanti’s Gifted

Mariah Carey’s official online fan club, Honey B. Fly, announced that Murder Inc. recording artist Ashanti will be the supporting act for the North American dates on Mariah’s upcoming
‘Charmbracelet’ tour.

An un-named source revealed “Mariah thinks Ashanti’s really gifted and that the lady’s got an excellent voice. It’s only about 80% confirmed that Ashanti’s coming on as a support act. Anything can change though.”

Mariah On The Diva Gossips And More

“The ‘diva’ rumours about me are ridiculous but they’re very inventive” Mariah Carey said to journalists. “Apparently not only do I not do stairs but I won’t walk on carpet and I refuse to walk on grass. What do I do to get around? Hover?!”

“I mean, you live and exist under a microscope and at a certain point the rumours become amusing. Don’t do that ok.”

Meanwhile, ‘Charmbracelet’ seems to be doing fine, what with celebrities like RuPaul, India.Arie, Erika Christensen, Jennifer Love Hewitt and more loving the album.For instance, RuPaul wrote on his weblog for Tuesday, the 9th of December and said that he had already bought a copy Mariah Carey’s brand new ‘Charmbracelet’.

He said “I have already bought Mariah’s new album. I loved the songs ‘Clown’, ‘My Saving Grace’, ‘Yours’, ‘I Only Wanted’, ‘Bringing On The Heartbreak’ and ‘Through The Rain’.”

“I’m sure I will love all the other songs in time, as well. My only criticism is that I think she uses her breathy head voice too much.”

DJ Sammy To Help Mariah Carey

DJ Sammy has been brought in to help Mariah Carey with her big comeback album. Mariah’s manager has been to Sammy’s studio to ask for advice after hearing his re-make of Bryan Adams’ ‘Heaven’.

Sammy says Bryan has now asked him to get involved in his next few songs as well. He’s already well-known in the Euro dance scene, and says he’s proud to help stars make their comebacks.

“Every big artist has his ups and downs you know. And I think Mariah has such huge vocals. I would love to work with that woman.”

“Bryan Adams was telling me ‘Sammy, tell them all that I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it!’ I can’t help but feel proud when you have a songwriter like Bryan Adams telling you ‘Sammy, I love the job you’ve done.'”