Mariah On The Diva Gossips And More

“The ‘diva’ rumours about me are ridiculous but they’re very inventive” Mariah Carey said to journalists. “Apparently not only do I not do stairs but I won’t walk on carpet and I refuse to walk on grass. What do I do to get around? Hover?!”

“I mean, you live and exist under a microscope and at a certain point the rumours become amusing. Don’t do that ok.”

Meanwhile, ‘Charmbracelet’ seems to be doing fine, what with celebrities like RuPaul, India.Arie, Erika Christensen, Jennifer Love Hewitt and more loving the album.For instance, RuPaul wrote on his weblog for Tuesday, the 9th of December and said that he had already bought a copy Mariah Carey’s brand new ‘Charmbracelet’.

He said “I have already bought Mariah’s new album. I loved the songs ‘Clown’, ‘My Saving Grace’, ‘Yours’, ‘I Only Wanted’, ‘Bringing On The Heartbreak’ and ‘Through The Rain’.”

“I’m sure I will love all the other songs in time, as well. My only criticism is that I think she uses her breathy head voice too much.”

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