Justin Timberlake Loves Men’s Underwear, Britney’s Brother Does Not Like Justin

Singer of the Michael Jackson-esque ‘Like I Love You’ and the latest ‘Cry Me A River’ that’s not supposed to be about Britney, Justin Timberlake recently let slip that he has a fetish for women wearing boy/men’s underwear.

Justin recently confessed, “I love mens underwear. They’re getting lovelier and I find it’s really sexy when girls wear us boys’ underpants.”

Meanwhile, he is in trouble with Britney’s family for causing them grief by always dropping Britney’s name and trying to cash in on their messy split by constantly talking about it to the press at all times.

“He’s not very popular with the family now and I don’t think he will ever be. Us all are really hurt by Justin’s treachery. Absolutely no regard for our feelings and Britney’s. We hate his guts. We turn the TV set off when he comes on. See, we treated him like family and he had to go do this. He’s such a jerk. Stop hurting my sister.” Britney’s brother, Brian, revealed.

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