Jay Sean hooks up with rapper Jin for next single!!!!

Jay Sean and the 2point9 crew hooked up with Chinese rapper Jin during his whirlwind trip to London. The rapper, who is part of DMX, Eve and Jadakiss’ crew is reputed to be one of best rap freestylers around. He was over for a gig at Cirque in London’s Leicester Square. After his performance, Jin got involved in a battle with UK freestyler SAINT. Prior to the concert, Jin and Jay Sean were penning some lyrics in Rishi Rich’s studio for a forthcoming Jay Sean track. The following day, Rishi and Jin knocked out another BANGING track .. rumoured to be one of the 1st releases on Rishi Rich’s forthcoming album.

This follows a high profile year for Jay who took producer Timbaland shopping in Southall & hooked up with Sean Garrett (Usher’s producer “Yeah”). No doubt they will work together on future projects.

It seems Jin will appear on Jay’s next single rumoured to be ‘Don’t Rush.’

Eminem Samples Martika

A few weeks ago there was news about Martika and her new duo Oppera. Now more news is making headlines. On his new album Encore, Eminem samples the #1 Martika hit “Toy Soldiers”. The track is called “Like Toy Soldiers” and it’s a brilliant track, and it is quickly becoming one of the most loved songs on the album by fans and critics. Is a huge comeback coming for Martika? I think so.

Lisa Scott Lee To Become UK’s Jessica Simpson

The People reports that a leaked memo from makers MTV describes former Steps star Lisa Scott-Lee as a British Newlyweds version of Jessica Simpson for the singer’s upcoming reality show alongside former Hear’Say hubby Johnny Shentall.

“It will be a classic, compelling show in the Osbournes/Newlyweds mold, as these stars and their loved ones expose real emotions and relationships,” MTV bosses claimed. “There will be laughter. There will be highs and lows.”

BLue’s Duncan James Can’t Wait For Baby

Though Blue star Duncan James’ father Simon Roscoe walked out on his mother when he learned she was pregnant with the singer, Duncan tells the press he won’t do the same with his now pregnant ex-girlfriend Claire.

“It’s pretty mad to think I’m going to be a dad and I’m loving every minute of it. I simply can’t wait for my darling baby” Duncan said.

The baby is due in April.

Robbie Williams Splits With Lisa Brash

The Sunday Mirror reports that Robbie Williams has split up with probation officer Lisa Brash after dating for a month.

“He really liked Lisa but it just wasn’t meant to be,” a source revealed. “Robbie can never seem to find the perfect woman and it’s heartbreaking because he really wants to fall in love and start a family.”

Lisa responded to the news claiming, “If I never hear from him again, I’ll still cherish the time we had. I had a wonderful time. He’s a wonderful guy.”