BLue’s Duncan James Can’t Wait For Baby

Though Blue star Duncan James’ father Simon Roscoe walked out on his mother when he learned she was pregnant with the singer, Duncan tells the press he won’t do the same with his now pregnant ex-girlfriend Claire.

“It’s pretty mad to think I’m going to be a dad and I’m loving every minute of it. I simply can’t wait for my darling baby” Duncan said.

The baby is due in April.

Blue Disses Westlife

British boyband Blue have hit out at pop rivals Westlife, claiming they planned to record a rat pack-style album before the Irish group.

The Obvious band recently revealed their intention to release an LP based on the hits of singing greats Frank SInatra, Dean Martin among others, ready for Christmas.

But Blue are upset because they had the idea first.

Singer Duncan James says, “We actually had an idea to do that album before Westlife but they conveniently took it up first. They’re a bunch of wets.”

Blue are meanwhile rumoured to be splitting for good next year. Music mogul Louis Walsh revealed last week “I know for a fact Blue are going to break up.”

“Simon and Lee will probably have big solo careers and the other two will probably end up as TV presenters.”

Lee Ryan Breaks Up With Model Emma Davies

Blue popster, Lee has ditched Emma Davies, his model girlfriend of nearly three months, and has gone back to his old, wild ways.

According to the Sun, the breakup took place after Lee arrived back in the UK from his film directing course in New York. Emma had flown out to spend the evenings with her man, but once they got back here, it was all over.

A friend of Lee’s said “Normally he never seems to keep girlfriends for longer than a few days. Emma is upset but Lee felt she was only after him for the wrong reasons.”

The same friend also seemed to think that Emma should be grateful that their affair lasted as long as it did, saying “It seems like they’ve been going out for ages but it’s actually only been a couple of months. Still, Lee has probably broken his record for the length of a relationship.”

Simon Webbe Ready To Find A Girl

While Blue’s Lee Ryan is spending this summer studying at the New York Film School, his bandmate Simon Webbe tells The Mirror he is on the look out for Miss Right.”

“I’m on a mission to get myself a girl,” the 25 year old singer and manager of new group, VS, revealed at the Party In The Park.

“I’m so over Natalie Denning now. It’s time to move on.”

Blur Star, Duncan James’ Father Speaks Out

It has been reported in the papers that Blue star Duncan James’ father Simon Roscoe, a man who walked out on Duncan and his mother, was stunned 20 years later when she phoned him, telling Simon the band that won Best Pop Act at the Brits had a member that was his son.

“He’s done very well for himself,” Simon said. “He’s very articulate and sensible. I am thoroughly impressed. His mother’s done a great job bringing him up.”

“One day, maybe Duncan and I will be able to sit down and talk things through, but that’s for him to decide.”

“I am proud of him if I have a right to be.”

Popstars’ Rejects, Phixx Work With Lee From Blue

Popstars: The Rivals’ rejects, namely Peter, Andrew, Chris, Nick and Mikey are hoping to do a Liberty X. Going by the name Phixx collectively, the pop outfit went on radio the other day to introduce themsevles to the masses.

Chris gushed and talked about working with Blue’s Lee Ryan, saying that Lee was “the most talented guy any of us have ever ever worked with. He’s a brilliant songwriter, producer, singer. People will print things but the fact that people like Lee with the talent he and his band have got behind them, believe in us, is a bona fide huge compliment.”

Their debut number is one called “Gett Off” and it’s a cover. Done originally by Prince, Phixx’s version is slated to hit the stores sometime in July.

Blue’s Ant Disses Gareth Gates

Blue’s Anthony Costa has lashed out at all those people who think that Gareth Gates is the new Elvis Presley.

The pint-sized ‘All Rise’ tunester admitted to us that, while he thinks Gareth is a talented young lad, he’s not as good as some people would have him cracked up to be. He’s also concerned that the 18-year-old Bradford stammerer may start believing the hype!

“At the end of the day, Gareth Gates is Gareth Gates” he stormed. “Elvis was an icon. Gareth isn’t. It annoys me how people say he’s the new Elvis and people bow down to him. He’s only 18 and he’ll start believing that. Good luck to him, though.”

Blue release their new single, ‘One Love’, on the 28th of October, followed by their second album a couple of weeks later.

Blue’s One Love Similar To Previous Hits

If you’ve thought the new offering from Blue, ‘One Love’ sounds pretty much the same kind of material they offered previously, you are right.

According to Duncan, they’ve returned to the tried-and-tested formula of ‘All Rise’ and ‘Fly By’ to make sure fans know who they are.

“We’ve been out of the market for a few months so we wanted people to turn on the radio and think, ‘Blue are back’. We don’t want them to think, ‘Who’s that?'”

But if fans are a bit worried that Blue’s eagerly-anticipated second album will not have developed from last year’s smash-hit, ‘All Rise’, fear not. There are lots of surprises.

“The other singles are going to be different” Lee told, speaking to a webzine. “We’re not going to change our style but on the album there’s a lot of variation. The fans are going to like it.”

“There’s a cover called ‘Don’t Treat Me Like A Fool’ which is from Angie Stone’s first album, ‘Black Diamond'” Duncan revealed. “We’re really pleased about this album. We were working on it the same time as ‘All Rise’. The music is going to be more up-tempo and edgier. We wrote about 90% of it.”

Blue’s new album is released come 11th of November.

Blue’s Lee In Go-Karting Accident, Needs Surgery

Blue’s Lee Ryan was rushed to hospital the other night after suffering injuries in a go-karting accident. Lee now faces surgery after he was thrown out of the kart at high speed.

Lee hit the tarmac face down as he was thrown out of the kart. The band were doing a a photo shoot at the race track at Mile End Park in East London. Lee soon decided to take the kart for a 40mph spin around the track.

Lee’s accident may now force the band to cancel their planned promotional tour of Asia. They were due to jet out later this week.

Lee has now left hospital and is back at home. He is due to see doctors next week to determine whether he will need skin grafts to the face and chest.