Popstars’ Rejects, Phixx Work With Lee From Blue

Popstars: The Rivals’ rejects, namely Peter, Andrew, Chris, Nick and Mikey are hoping to do a Liberty X. Going by the name Phixx collectively, the pop outfit went on radio the other day to introduce themsevles to the masses.

Chris gushed and talked about working with Blue’s Lee Ryan, saying that Lee was “the most talented guy any of us have ever ever worked with. He’s a brilliant songwriter, producer, singer. People will print things but the fact that people like Lee with the talent he and his band have got behind them, believe in us, is a bona fide huge compliment.”

Their debut number is one called “Gett Off” and it’s a cover. Done originally by Prince, Phixx’s version is slated to hit the stores sometime in July.

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