Moby Mocks President Bush

Politically minded musician Moby has taken a swipe at President George Bush, mocking the US President’s physical appearance.

The dance star keeps a regularly updated journal on his official site which has been dedicated of late to his support of the Democrat campaign to oust President Bush from the White House at November’s Presidential elections.

And in a recent posting, he chose to pick on the Republican’s looks. The Go hitmaker writes, “He looks like a cross between Mad magazine’s Alfred E Neuman and Howdy Doody, but dumber.”

“When he smiles it makes me want to flee in terror, like I’m looking at an evil clown-elf.”

Moby Cleans Toilets And More

Dance superstar Moby is so hygiene obsessed, he insists on scrubbing his toilet with his bare hands.

The Go hitmaker even claims the strange habit is “a thing of beauty”.

He said, “I like to clean my house. Cleaning the toilet does not disgust me. I find it a thing of beauty. I get right into that toilet with my little scrubber and I scrub it. I never wear no gloves.”

Moby And More Set To Play At The Eden Project

Mercury Music Prize winner PJ Harvey has announced that she will be one of several stars taking part in this year’s Eden Project.

The singer, who’s just about to start work on the follow-up to her album ‘Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea’, will play the annual Cornish event on the 15th of August, just a day before she appears at V2003.

Other stars taking part in the sessions include Badly Drawn Boy who appears on the 1st of August and Moby.

“I am really excited about this. I just can’t wait really. I think it’s all good and everybody should come and enjoy the Eden Project” said Moby.

“I play on the 5th of August so I’ll be looking forward to seeing all of you there.”

In other news, it has been confirmed WOMAD is also taking place at the event on 22nd of August.

Tickets go on sale from the 7th of May and will be available from The Eden Project at their hotline 01726 811972 or their official homepage

Moby Finds MJ’s Baby Dangling Upsetting

Moby joined the list of people chiming in on the Michael Jackson baby dangling incident in Berlin on Tuesday.

Moby writes on his online diary “The 20th and 21st centuries have seen a lot of bizarre celebrity meltdowns. And a lot of instances where celebrities have behaved boorishly or unethically. But Michael Jackson dangling a baby off of a 4th floor balcony really does just about take the cake.”

“That photograph is one of the most disturbing things that I’ve seen in a long while. I don’t even think that I can make a lighthearted quip about it. It’s just upsetting.”

Moby Wants Fans To Enter His Competition

Moby has launched a competition for fans to direct one of his new videos.

Aspiring directors are invited to send a video treatment for any track on Moby’s new album ’18’.

The star says the videos will be considered on the merits of “imagination and conception” and not on previous achievements.

Moby will personally select his favourite idea from the ten most interesting treatments. The winning entrant will then be given a GBP5,000 budget to create a full-length promo video, which may be used for a future release.

Video treatments, that must be no larger than 2MB in size, should be sent to

with VIDEO COMP as the subject header.

Applicants should also include a very short biography of no more than 50 words.

Remember, the closing date’s on the 30th of November so hurry and good luck.

Pint-Sized Star Moby Talks Booze

He may have admitted to liking the party life in recent interviews but it wasn’t always that way for Moby, the guy who gave us the recent hit ‘We Are All Made Of Stars’.

The mighty mouse of pop has divulged that his first encounters with alcohol weren’t exactly exhilarating affairs.

The bald-headed star told a magazine that he didn’t enjoy his first taste of liquor “We drank whatever liquor we could steal from our parents, mostly creme de menthe, and threw up all over on each other” he said. “It was so miserable, but no one would admit it. I pretty much stopped at 13 because I was scared.”

Moby Gets His Own Back On Hate Emailers

This one’s cute. You’ve got to read what Moby did.

Coming up with a fresh way of hitting back at abusive emailers, Moby not only changed his personal email address after it was published on the internet and he began receiving hate emails, now everyone who emails his old address would receive a message telling them they’ve been automatically enrolled in his fan club.

The automated message reads:

“Thanks for your interest in Moby! As a Moby fan you have been automatically registered in the Moby Fan Club! As a member of the Moby Fan Club you will be kept updated with all of the latest news about Moby!”

Moby said “Ironically enough, some people who’ve sent me hate mail have been very upset at the thought of being part of the ‘Moby Fan Club,’ and they’ve asked us not to write to them. That’s funny, right? It’s amusing and ironic to me that someone who thinks it’s appropriate to send hate mail to a complete stranger would get offended by being automatically enrolled in that person’s fan club. Ah well.”